Oh, I have changed! For the better I must confess… I have now been a lifestyle and professional dominatrix for 11 years.

Black-Mistress-Caramel-londonFor those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m not an English Mistress, I come from a genuine lineage of strong African leaders, male and female, mixed with Portuguese blood.

So what I bring to the table is something different. I’m a genuine, sexually demanding woman, I have had servants since a very young age and so I demand servitude at all times.

I’m quite the Diva though one who doesn’t throw tantrums but who will administer a well thought out punishment if you fail me. I’m slightly arrogant and look at my servants with disdain, but I have my moments of kindness.

This 11 year journey has been such a roller coaster, full of surprises and disappointments, happiness and self discovery. I’m very content with all that I have achieved and I thank you all for your help with this experience. I am of the era, before the rise of what I call the Internet Insta-Domme, when the title of Dominatrix was earned and commanded reverance.

My style of dominance has changed. I no longer feel pleasure in just being a sadist and I don’t like all the cliches that being a Domme entails, so I’m freeing myself of them all. I want to laugh more in my sessions and truly enjoy them. If I don’t connect with you I shall return your tribute and ask you to leave my presence – with no bad feeling but I only want to be with people who I truly connect with.

I’m a very sensual lady, witty, humorous, confident and intelligent. What I’m looking for is devotees to engage in a more genuine style of play – something more relaxed, playful, erotic, intelligent and interesting. I’m looking for someone who will truly give themselves to me with no issues, I want confident, sensual submissives who will allow me to lead.

Even as a Mistress I want to be seduced, I want to be interested in playing with you, I want to be surprised! So make sure when you email me that you are interesting, articulate, humorous and straight to the point. I will ignore silly emails and I don’t engage in email ping-pong, I just don’t have the time or the patience.

Don’t be mistaken that because of all the above I have forgotten how to swing a whip – naughty boys will be punished for misbehaviour and you will see Mistress laugh with pleasure and my nipples becoming erect!
black london mistress I feel true pleasure when dominating a man, having him at my feet, looking into his eyes and seducing him into pleasing me in ways I see fit, laughing at your life predicament. It’s no longer a job – it’s now a well paid hobby that helps to finance my luxurious yet relaxed lifestyle.

I have a preference for longer encounters, perhaps we have lunch or dinner first, then I lure you into my BDSM studio or private apartment. I understand time restrictions but, if you can, please consider this wonderful experience to meet the lady before the Mistress.

I have a penchant for chastity training (then you will truly submit to me), for bondage, sensory deprivation, I’m definitely a kinky rubberist – I love to enclose my gimp for hours on end and have my way with him. Let’s go and be kinky in Berlin! I adore maid training. All males are here to release me from the mundane, I love to slip my two-way strap on into you so the pleasure is felt by both – and much more. This is an extensive list but still doesn’t cover everything so do think about what you would like to enjoy with me.

black london mistressI’m available for international travel, I can fly with you or to you,worldwide. I like to travel in style and priority will be given for those that fly me in business class or higher.

I’m financially secure, I now have another business that I can focus on rather than being simply a professional Mistress, so as I mentioned before it’s no longer a job and more of a well paid hobby. I believe in female supremacy in a modern, cosmopolitan kind of way.

If you want to spoil me please choose something from MY WISHLIST.

If you are interested in getting to know me further still – let’s meet for a glass of champagne!