Rubber Mistress

Heavy rubber sessions can be an extremely erotic and cathartic experience.

Whether you are seasoned rubber fetishist or simply curious and would like a gentle introduction to this sensual form of play.

Rubber Equipment includes:
  • Inflatable sleep sack
  • Vac Bed – this is an experience in itself as you are literally vacuum packed into a latex bag which is held into place by a rectangular frame (see photos)
  • Hoods and rebreather bags
  • An abundance of latex clothing for both ladies and gents
Equipment that goes nicely with rubber sessions:
  • Sensory deprivation paraphernalia including earphones, blindfolds etc
  • E-stim
  • Violet wand
  • Cock and ball and anal insertion devices
  • Restraints and bondage¬†accessories
Heavy Rubber sessions are only available for 2 hours or more.
Every other month Mistress Madeline d’Enfer comes to visit and will be available for double domme sessions