Mistress Mentor

While I am retiring from professional domination, I love to share my experience with others to help everyone achieve their kinky dreams! I offer various different packages as below, please do Email Me (madamecaramelondon@gmail.com) to inquire about any of these or if your requirements are slightly different then don’t hesitate to ask.

One-To-One Coaching

This is offered for ladies who wish to become a professional or semi-professional Domme. These sessions take place in person in my beautifully appointed dungeon suite near the City of London. Session includes a professional photo shoot, advice on setting up a website, demonstration of any or all of the diverse range of toys and implements in the dungeon and of course answering any questions you might have! I will also be able to advise and answer questions after the session as you travel down the road to becoming a Domme.

Online Coaching

For those who can’t make it to London we can arrange a Skype (or equivalent) session where I can advise you on anything and everything to do with becoming a Domme. These sessions are oriented towards in person domination – please note this does not cover online domination, financial domination and the like. As above I’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have regarding domination, advise on setting up a website, attracting clientele and so on.

Ladies’ Parties

On the lighter side, I’m offering fun sessions for groups of ladies (perfect for a hen night!) in my dungeon suite. You will be able to ask me anything, play with all of the toys and equipment and generally have fun! I can arrange for one of my sissy maids to serve drinks and nibbles. This is oriented towards groups who would like to introduce domination into their own relationships – or just have a fun evening doing something different! Please note these parties are ladies only – you can try the techniques out on your partner at home!!

So please do inquire if you are interested in any of these packages, and as I say if what you’re looking for isn’t quite on the list then it never hurts to ask! I love to share my experience with all who want to learn and take great satisfaction in helping people achieve their secret (and not so secret) desires. Contact me today to book!

Warmest regards

Madame Caramel