Time spent at Hoxton Dungeon is time well spent. As soon as you step through the door you enter a new world both physically and mentally. The immediate change of scenery/location proceeds and expediates my chance of role. Then as I see my amazing Mistress it has a dizzying affect and I make my first mistake: I am only able mumble my gratitude to Mistress.

It takes a brave soul to enter this location. A person can live their life with never realising their role and the fantastic exploration and adventure that is achievable exhibiting a little balls. Then a person like Madame Caramel can take them away.

I have been Christened Sissy Findingo. My place is to serve my Mistress, to respond to her every command, demand and whim. But first comes transition and transform.

Entering the main room I am told to strip, to change into the person I need and have to be. Across the room on the bench I can see what is intended for me: cuffs, clothes, complete modification.

As Madame Caramel makes final preparations I remove my suit and under garments, fold them in the corner and take to the floor with Slave Position 1. For servitude I have painstakingly learned all ten. To submit is to sharpen the mind.

With this my Mistress returns pleased that I am showing respect. For an extended moment my position is held, sold to establish my role then swiftly I am told to rise and transform.

By this the nerves have kicked in and my cowering cock has become a cowering clit. The options on the table are vast. First it is suggested that I wear a red dress to emphasise my shame but a last minute change of mind deems a pinny/apron is what I deserve and will be enough. Then comes the curly blonde Shirley Temple wig. My role now established I find myself ordered and taunted my the most amazing, energetic vision. All dressed tight in leather and entirely dominant on every level I am told who I am and what I need to do.

My role as slave is solidified by a heavy collar. Restricting my neck movement my posture improves, imposing manners. With this cuffs are swiftly attached to my wrists then ankles and soon I am being taken on a tour shuffling across the floor like the little train/trans that could.

Time to worship arrives at the magnificent thrown. Returned to my knees I am ordered with encouragement to first worship the seat on which Madame sits and directs. The taste of the cushion brings mineral goodness and the sensation/desire to please overwhelms.

Finally Madame takes her rightful, earned positioned as my attention is clear and deserved. She points to her boots and highlights how they need clean as I am ordered to kiss them in slow, affection fashion. The method is explicit. Ten kisses around the foot then work my way up to the knee then back again in slow fashion where I am apply my soul to her sole ending up at the heel and my ultimate place/role. I am told the process must be done slow and measured, to make it moist and for her masterful. It is a job impossible to be done without a fluttering heart. When I occasionally slip up I am rightfully corrected with a slap and/or a slip. Then to facilitate and aid my cleaning of her boots Madame honours me with some saliva on her boot. The taste is orgasmic, the gesture sincere, the privilege an honour.

When the worship is eventually done the result are inspected. To my relief I did an acceptable/adequate job. Then returning to my feet I am inspected, my clit brought back into question. Excited but too scared to be aroused my role remains debated. People need a purpose and exploration has to find mine.

I am asked if I know what a real cock looks like. Its not my position to suggest it is mine. Then in swift motion Madame Caramel reveals shelf of monster cocks each intimidating and ready for action. And soon her selection is made as I am handed a giant black dong intended for her pleasure and my induction. As I stand to attention with the member held in my hand I am told I look cute facing my destiny in such regal fashion.

When Madame returns it is placed at my mouth as I am told to kiss and meet my maker. Worship occurs as the salty tastes dictates my direction. To assist the process Madame straps it on and the wonder of felatio is forced and formed. With heavy persuasion I proceed to deep throat, hug then gag. Working hard and eager to impress I am told I should be put to work as it is my natural place/station in use. This is my best use, at this moment all I am good for: my mouth becomes a cunt.

As stretcb marks on my mouth form the natural progression is to flip things over, flip things round as still cuffed I am pushed forward back worshipping the seat of the throne as from behind Madame Caramel attends to my hole, moistening the zone with lube due to my pathetically tight virgin arse. I am asked if I like it. I like anything Mistress likes. Then with anticipation comes rhythme and the road to orgasm, Mistress’s orgasm

The pounding occurs. Slow then fast. There are hills to climb, holes to fill, feelings to be feed. Tender becomes tough as music is heard. Ecstasy arrives represented by the push back, the desire on both parts to insert as far as possible to achieve/attain the highest goals.

Alas this moment is only designed for one of us to enjoy. Retaining my wig, my identity, my role mentally I am returned to my role by physically being strapped to the slave frame. I remain cuffed but now there is absolutely nowhere to go, escape is not an option.

With her wicked smile Madame tease and taunts me as first a blindfold is attached then following the test of a selection of gag she decides a classic black gimp ball gag is what is to fill my mouth and restrict my communication.

Even though I cannot see her I can feel her smile. Laughing she resumes reviewing my cock wishing clit. She debates how much joy can be achieved of such finger sized treat. My place as Findingo is further established. The penny drops, its always going to be a struggle to get through, to please. My work will never be cut out, my effort will always be long and have to exude my desire and compensate for such shortcomings. If only I wasn’t white. Being here right now is not white privilege, its rare privilege. Not everyone can be here, only the lucky few.

Teasing my further spit and slaps follows as I struggle to maintain focus. As my flesh is toyed a sensation is added to my chest. And there is nothing I can do.

In a vain effort to bring some life to my being Madame demonstrates how it should be done then tease me with her zone, her black berry. How’s your honey pot. She takes my hand and I feel wet warmth then it is slapped away. I just entered a place I am not strictly allowed. The glimpse of permission the highest honour, the hardest thing earned.

With Madame now pleased with high energy faces me and brings out her Hitachi Wand. Is this for me or her? You will never know.

As exuberance is achieved I find myself freed from the rack and returned to my knees. Still in bondage I am moved, told to crawl into the cage beneath where I just witnessed my show.

Entering like an animal with bars by my side I am told to make myself comfortable while Madame leaves to message with other Mistresses, show them her trophy and debate market value.

Confinement in a cage brings philosophy, a moment to reflect. I did this and why? Excitement exudes as I remain another me still in bondage, blindfolded, gagged and in my wig. To become another is a very relaxing thing. The worries of earlier have been replaced with new focus and desire. For the longest time I lay wondering when the next sensory onslaught might occur. For that moment I feel the necessity to be ready. I cannot completely relax as I am required to remain on guard, ready to serve even if it be from inside a cage.

When Madame returns I am asked if I have had enough time to consider my place, my role. My journey has been long and fulfilling. With this we review my organ as I am ordered to comply with JOI. Again this is something I struggle to achieve with satisfaction. More saliva and spit is graciously offered to assist the desired results. In the end, it’s a boy!

Finally freedom finds itself granted as the cage is opened and the cloud lifts. Exchanging smiles my shackles are removed and conversation comes. A fresh understanding now achieved the glimpse into what could/should be calms and glows. I shower then clean up the dungeon. We drink and later eat. The night ends electric and energised.

London May – 2016
Sissy Findingo


I went and saw Madame Caramel recently at her home in Hoxton, and as it was my first time meeting her, I was a bit nervous and not sure what to expect. I was immediately put at ease and made to feel comfortable upon arrival. we got chatting and spent some time getting to know each other. Madame Caramel is genuinely interested in getting an understanding of her slave’s desires and personality and if you seek out a session (which I would highly recommend),  I would implore you to not rush and would encourage you to relax and go for a drink or meal first (we didn’t do this on this occasion , but would be keen to next time).
After spending time to relax, we went upstairs and had an incredible session of arse worship and queening in which I was forced to provide pleasure and please Mistress in a number of ways. Madame Caramel seemed to instinctively know how to turn me on beyond belief. Yes, we had discussed what I like before beginning the session, but not in minute detail and Madame seemed to know exactly what my kinks, were and allowed me to live them out.   I found the session intensely exotic and there are not many places that I would rather be than under that gorgeous bottom. I would gladly place myself under there again whenever Mistress demands and would highly recommend Madame Caramel to fellow Bottom Boys out there, you will not be disappointed.
London April – 2016
Matt – Bottom boy N15

I have only now some time to write to you. Thank you very much for organising this fantastic evening with your girl friends for me. I enjoyed my make-up and I think that I would really be passable out in the street as a woman. What do you think?
It felt so good being „en femme“ and I wish I could live my whole life as woman. Being together with your girlfriends what great fun and at a certain point I really felt on cloud 7.

I am not sure what my next step becoming a shemale slave would have to be. In my dreams I still wish to be taken hard and raped by a woman – this sounds very strange, but feeling how an attractive woman wants to have – and use me as a shemale, is a good feeling. I know this is a role-play, but missing a woman who really wants me as her shemale, this is good enough for the time being.

London October – 2015

Building on the last time we met and drawing our connection and understanding closer. Mistress and I scheduled an occasion so I would be able to devote myself to her. It is true that I cannot stop thinking of her – that is constructing session scenarios. Ultimately it is and always will be her hand(or whip) on things that allures me to her.

The very subtle change is what I appreciate about my Mistress’ command of her environment. She is robust and vigilent, with your trust placed in her. That will be seen in the reward of having your boundaries overcome and worries set aside. Her presence is both one of sensuality, grace and candor.

Dubai August – 2015
Slave Ramsay

I have had two sessions with Madame Caramel so far, and both have been excellent. I wasn’t sure whether or not I would be granted a session when I first asked for one, as I am a single woman (lesbian) and was going for my own sake, rather than with a husband/boyfriend, which I understand is quite rare when it comes to the demographic of those who seek Pro-Dommes! To my great fortune, Madame Caramel not only agreed to see me, but was very encouraging in Her correspondence, which made me excited for what was to come. I was very nervous in my first session, but Madame Caramel is very friendly and puts you at ease very quickly, even as She radiates dominance in the way She interacts with you. The two spankings I have been given by Madame Caramel were the hardest of my life. Madame Caramel spanks very hard and thoroughly, I would be reminded of the spanking every time I sat for at least a week afterwards! Madame Caramel is also an expert in pushing your boundaries and having you do things you didn’t think you’d want to be doing. She does not achieve that by pressuring you at all, rather you will feel so comfortable with Her that you will feel a lot of trust towards Her, which will open your mind and help you submit more and more.

In summary, if you want someone who is professional, friendly, trustworthy, beautiful and a natural Dominant who will give you what you deserve and more while pushing your boundaries, then Madame Caramel is incomparable. I look forward to many many future sessions with Madame Caramel!

Dubai August – 2015
Subby Girl – Daisy

I can totally commend Madame Caramel to you as an amazing Dominatrix. It is clear she is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable about the art and has a totally alluring presence that you will want to worship all her body and quickly find yourself under her spell, taking you on a fantastic journey of sensual and erotic discovery. Hope to see you in London very soon Madame.

London July – 2015
Slave Ian

Well I was so excited to read the infamous Madame Caramel was going to be sessioning with Mistress Saphire at the Fetish Emporium, I immediately contacted Mistress Saphire to book a double session.

At last the day came, and I found myself ringing the dungeon doorbell, nervous but very excited. Mistress Saphire, looking stunning as ever, opened the door and ushered me inside. I was ordered to go into the dungeon strip down to my sissy underwear of stockings, suspenders and thong, and put on a pair of five inch black stilettos that Mistress had selected for me. I then had to await the mistresses return.

A short time later both mistresses entered the dungeon, and I met Madame Caramel for the first time. She wasted no time in ordering me to kiss her feet, and then worship her enormous strapon, while laughing at my tiny sissy clit. After plenty of worship, I was forced to inhale copious amounts of poppers to loosen my arsehole up, ready for the mistresses fists and huge strapons.

After making me lie on my back with my legs up, Madame Caramel started to slowly work her fingers into my now hungry arse, all the time stretching it out. While this was going on, Mistress Saphire fed me more poppers and tortured my nipples, while verbally abused me. After teasing me for some time, my arsehole was beginning to gape, and Madame Caramel slipped her whole fist in. She slowly started pumping, gradually increasing the speed until she was really fisting me hard. Not content with this, she then started to punch fist me with each hand. Left then right, hard and fast. In out, in out. Faster and faster until I could take no more.

Now it was Mistress Saphire’s turn. She decided to strapon an enormous black dildo. This slipped in really easily after Madame Caramel’s incredible fisting, which had really loosened my arse up. I was now being fucked really hard. While this was happening, Madame Caramel
climbed on top of me, and lowered her amazing arse onto my face. Fantastic. I was so turned on I was trying my best not to cum to quickly.

Well Mistress Saphire wanted some fisting action as well. The next thing I knew her whole arm up to her elbow was up my arse. With this, and Madame Caramel’s divine arse smothering my face, I could hold back no longer. I came so hard, I saw stars. It seemed to go on forever. Absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait for next time.

Manchester – July 2015
Sissy Veronica

In April I first contacted Madame Caramel on noticing that she would be touring in my home city two months later. I exchanged messages with Mistress to build up a rapport on which to build an understanding of trust and gauge whether it would to both our benefit to continue.
Gladly my Mistress was willing to meet me. I have come to realise over the past three days this was a very rewarding decision to enter into her control and become her submissive.
Things began lightly but Mistress was entirely robust – I felt indignation as she placed a collar and leash on. Then I was asked to de-robe.  I made the amateur mistake of throwing my clothes aside. I was reprimanded and it was demanded of me that I carry out this act properly. For my error Mistress saw to it that I received several staggered lashes and she intermediately toyed with my nipples. Always being trustful when tugging it them – a source of pleasure. When I tried to challenge Mistress she countered with face slaps and I realised I had yet to overcome my nervous feelings of trepidation. She proceeded to restrain me by putting interlinked cuffs on me behind my back.

Next came the biggest show that I was fully under my Mistress’ control.  She produced a gag and fitted one that recessed into my mouth very finely.  It would not have been appropriate to talk and blow was dealt when she hooded me, I was now with no certain identity.  It took me a few moments to adapt. My dear Mistress than asked me to bend over the bed and followed up earlier misdemeanants by thoroughly dealing out blows on my back and buttocks whilst grabbing my cock at one stage.

Mistress then requested that I lie on my back, the covers of bed cold which was instilling. I lay coming to terms with what enjoyment I had so far but not being able to anticipate what would be sought next.  As my Goddess returned I felt a tingly vibrating sensation on my testicles and then onto the shaft of my penis. Mistress was coaxing me and when she reached the head it was clear what she intended. A condom was fitted.

From front to back she returned to remove my gag and I was left lying on my back in darkness again. She signalled it was time for preparation for the ultimate act of humiliation but what we largely discussed during our exchanges.  I heard the crack of gloves being put on and within moments my dearest instilled me with a cool feeling as she lubricated what she calls my ‘back pussy’.
Next came butt plug – she contorted it in my ass and followed this up with fingers to my hole which is now hers.  She fingered me simultaneously with throbbing my cock and at times slapping down on me.  It was demanded that I spread my legs further and move towards the edge of the bed. The vow of subservience was imminent.  At first the penetration was slight but Mistress saw to further my indignation by forcing her strapon through the mouth piece of the hood.  She protruded it in out of my mouth at first but compelled the sissy boy tag by demanding that I suck on her black cock.

Once she was satisfied I returned to a position of vulnerability and I was in the pet position to receive her. Again she worked at my ass but with a slightly larger butt plug. She lathered me up ans began with the strapon again – with me moving back onto the shaft to enhance her pleasure. I felt some seepage from my ass she stepped up her thrusts in an effort to produce an orgasm.
As she withdrew I felt a cross sense of emotions and lay on her bed pondering how soon I would be released.  It was with great pleasure to see her again and with the acknowledgement she was my first. She removed my bonds and I was requested to clean and wash her equipment. I then took a shower – I had no sins to wash away and knew guilt would not be an inevitable.

Once I had gathered myself and returned Mistress’ tools to her we lay and took to chatting about what my feelings were throughout and about her upcoming ventures.

It is necessary to see the two mutual exclusives of personal relationship and the Mistress-Submissive as relative but not intertwined.
I thank Madame Caramel for her hospitality, diligence and sensitivity. She is accommodating but her time is also precious. She is able to hone both on desires and personality.

To have the credence to meet her without zealous is grounds for respect and I in return respect her professionalism.

Madame Caramel is my Goddess! Madame Caramel is my Queen! Madame Caramel owns me in this life and next!

Edinburgh – June 2015
Edinburgh Puppy

Below are my sincere opinion on last session I had with gorgeous mistress.

Through email conversation I have spoken about with how submissive I am and my direction towards bdsm I cleared air I reached on time at Madam place it’s very nice and cosy. I am seeing her in person she had brief chat and asked me to be comfortable as I was stammering and very nervous. She asked me to undress tried to lock in chastity once she touch me I got hard on which was not my mistake who wouldn’t with such gorgeous beauty in front of u. Then I was taken into her room we got into session she was very verbal with great demeanour and I was psychologically got into the role and was very comfortable then onwards. It was a great session with poppers little nipple pain electrics anal play denial in chastity and finally a good strap on. I asked to cum with madam forcing pain on my nipples so literally squirt to the corner of the wall she made fun of my sprinkler. That’s on the session ended. The post session we had a chat on my thoughts on cuckholding bi session overnight session while I massage her foot. My bad luck the next client was on his way so I thanked her and left with great spirit.
I truly recommend her if u r a real submissive guy who wants a experienced mistress international experience trust her and leave it to her that’s how it should be . Don’t me silly read her profile to know her and respect her for her work that how earn your brownie points with her. On the whole experience I truly cherish every moment and wish to be surprised totally by her we now are in same wavelength and seamless sync now expecting great things to happen and I know she will pull it off
Dubai – November 2014
nipple slut

Thank You for the great experience yesterday, i always need some days to come back after such successful humiliation.. 😉
Maybe i failed..
Probably it would be easier just get it ans swallowed it.. like a toilet flush away.. I do not know..

For the future we should work on my other important fantasy.. the small cock and the castration..
Maybe if we go for lunch next time it would be a great to be banded.. and maybe we work together with elastrators Technics..
..and we should also work on the denigration of my cock..
Zurich – November 2014
submissively 271

Thank you , Madam, for the session this afternoon. It was fun and enjoyable. It will be a great memory . I hope to see you during one of your trips to Zurich or when I visit London

Zurich – November 2014
Slave ticklish

In dubai , it was monday 18th of august 2014 , My new birth date in the BDSM dawn , i openned my eyes just like baby boy curious to learn and who’s better than the Gorgeous Madame Caramel to be my Mistress .. she was gorgeous i was like monday yes like monday because monday is the first day of the week and it was my first time to be with a real born Mistress … i called her … once she picked up the phone i felt i am stuck in her trap … i took my shower take a deep breathe left my hotel room which i still remember and never forget the room #516 (everything was five stars) .. the taxi came i left following her voice … i stopped the taxi (empty hands are dirty) got her a bunch of red roses and on my way i reached her place called her with a shivering lips she said wait for a while till i am ready than called and said come up i went up blindly she opened the door i felt i am trapped she hypnotized me with her magical eyes she got my all senses my long wide tongue start watering my nose was eager to discover her divine chocolate smell and my body was shivering …
We left her room directly to the restaurant she laaaves seafood and it was done for her the weather was humid outside i was humid inside out … royal tower of seafood was under her feet to eat and enjoy with white wine and her presence was really stealing the whole place … we went up to the room i am new in this world she was so nice understanding me as a beginner .., all of a sudden i was on my knees taking her shoes off (every while and than a slap on my face suddenly clap no wonder i am new with lot of miss behavior) i love to smell and nothing better than her feet my nose ask for she was smiling (again slap on my face) felt my toungue went out of my mouth once she ordered to lick and i licked a taste of chocolate skin on my toungue discovering her soles toes and in between she laaaved my toungue she told me is long and wide and good to please and clean her feet … than i stood up had a sit chat learning more about this lifestyle and ooppsss she laughed and gave me the key of my own kinky pandora box … i said nooo to pee nooo to shit nooo to black dick …. she was nice understanding i relaxed … she came over me slapped my dick made it hard my average size was so happy … she took me on the bed she slapped again i was so excited never felt my soul was shivering and hypnotized with her eyes and touch she made me touch her wet treasure … i was blessed … all of a sudden she put me on the ground and baptized me with her golden nectar on my white dick i felt something hot than i felt cold … pandorabox again knocking my door …
Madame Caramel simply born to be a real Goddess … She Owns Me

October 2014
Slave Lave

مدام كراميل
السادية القادمة من بريطانيا والتي تمتلك خبرة واسعة في مجال التعذيب السادي
سوف تجد تعامل احترافي مع توفر جميع الأدوات اللازمة للحصول على تعذيب سادي
مدام كراميل لديها خبرة واسعة وتطبق أي طريقة مفضلة
الذل و الهوان
جعل الخادم كالحيوان
عبادة القدم
الهيمنة المثيرة
الإذلال عن طريق الفم ( لها بعض الشروط )ه
سيشن مزدوج للمخنثين
تدريب المرحاض
استعباد الملكة لخادمها على القاع

مدام كراميل موجودة الان في الشرق الاوسط وفي حال اردتها بشكل خاص سيتوجب عليك دفع قيمة التذكرة والاقامة وسوف تأتي إليك وتكون حصرية لك فقط

Slave Middle

Madame Caramel is the most amazing Domme you will ever visit. An exhilarating experience awaits you at her hands. She combines the skills needed with the imagination of a true artist to bring you to your knees in anticipation of what will happen next. Unparalleled in her mastery of the sensual and sadistic, Madame Caramel is the answer, look no further!
October 2014
American boy – Bahrain

Madame Caramel is a beautiful, very experienced Domme who knows what you are thinking before you know it yourself! Having been a devoted sub for Madame for some time, she is still as capable of surprising and pushing your limits in a new direction as from the first day.

If you’re plucking up the courage to contact her then I can only say do it now! You will never regret it!

Maid Anna.

It was a cold night in March 2012.
I had no idea what to expect. I have looked at her website countless times and watched many videos and fantasied that one day I would spend couple of hours with her. My dreams came true when I called her at the first time. I have never been into this kind of thing before!

I travelled 4 hours to reach her place and the anticipation was immense, not knowing what to expect but totally getting off on it… I arrived at the discreet location and were met by mistress caramel who instantly made me feel at ease. She was completely professional by judging my personal mood… I instantly took a deep breath and relaxed.. I couldn’t believe I was living the dream.. She knew..I know she knew!

She didn’t spend too long explaining things as I b