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Ready for my August Dubai trip

For the first time I go to Dubai in August. I will arrive the first  and stay till the 27th.

I am already pretty booked with some multiple day sessions and I will going on a special pampering holiday to the Maldives.

So fill in the the contact form now and make sure you will get some of my precious time at my feet.

Call me in the morning at 10am to ask if I am working that day and if I have any spots available.

I have  a strict no discount policy. I already flew to Dubai so you can see me.

You pay the full amount because I am worth it:

  • 1h session 2000 AED
  • double domme session 4000 AED
  • session with she-male 5000 AED
  • session with sissy 3000AED
  • overnights available (contact me for details)

Looking forward to have you at my feet.

IMG_4705Madame Caramel


Dommes are filming 26th-27th in London

I will be filming with Mistress Esme, Miss Foxx, Miss Deviant and Liberty D. on the 26th and 27th of July.
We start early in the morning and have several shoots during the day with multiple themes.
We are looking for some more film slaves. This is a unique opportunity the have a session with me or one of my fellow dommes. You can apply for a shoot by sending me an email clearly state who you are what times you are available and your hard limits. If you want you can wear a mask during the filming.
A tribute of £100,- is required in advanced paid by paypal.

Madame Caramel Miss DeviantMiss foxx

1st July: Forced bi party with Mistress Esme

Save the date and douche your man cunt. Mistress Esme and Madame Caramel are hosting a forced bi party in a central London location on 1st July 2014. Play will consist of but not limited to; Strapon, Forced Bi, Fisting and so much more. The fun starts at 1pm sharp for 2 hours. Tribute is a mere £100.

To book your place email me at . A deposit will be required. Places are limited!


My new yellow latex outfit

When it comes to Latex I am very demanding. Ok maybe I am demanding on every aspect of my life. But I deserve only the very best. 
I you want to enjoy a latex event with me together you can. We can go together and have a wonderful evening at Torture Garden, pedestal or Club Black Whip.
If you think you are worthy to be at my side offer me a new outfit and I make it an event you will never forget.


Go for Quality use Babes and Horny

As a professional Dominatrix my toys are used a lot. I used cheap strap-ons and dildos from different stores in the past and they all only last a few uses. I constantly searched and tried different toys but with no success. One day I came across the Babes and Horny collection, wow that was exactly what I was looking for. The silicon dildo feels realistic and is of extreme quality. It fits perfectly in my strap-on harness and my slaves get the same feeling as being fucked by a real big dick. I bought my first Babes and Horny strap-on 3 years ago and it still looks like new. Believe me it has been used a lot. I take them with me on my travels and have a huge collection in my dungeon from small to large and even some very large. When I take my Babes and Horny in my hands I just have to smile when I think of all I can have with it.
So invest in quality and enjoy your strap-on play with Babes and Horny.


Paul Oughton at the Hundred years Gallery

hundredLast night I hosted with Miss Deviant the erotic collection of Paul Oughton at the hundred years gallery.
It was a great crowd a mixture of Mistresses, slaves, art enthusiasts and walk-ins.

Paul talked with an amazing passion about his paintings. Here he is with his own personal favourite.


If you are interested in one of his paintings you can order prints or the real deal at his website: Dominatrix Art


After the exhibition we had a great after party at the hoxton dungeon suite.


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