Thank you my 20k Twitter followers

Six years ago I joined twitter and I like it from my very first tweet. I you don’t follow me on twitter you should. It is the best way to follow my femdom lifestyle.

After 6 years I now have 20k followers and to celebrate this I give you a free full length clip.

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The FemDom Ball 2016 will take place on the 8th October!

After the success of last year I wanted the 2016 edition even grander.  We found an amazing new venue room for more people. It looks spectacular and is well fit to celebrate the female supremacy even the year. Just as last year the actual location of the venue will be announced at the very last moment. But on the Femdom Ball website you can find a list of hotels close by.

This is gala event, so Ladies get your most spectacular long dress, boys be in all black.  Have a look a the pictures from last year for some ideas.

Of course you will be entertained with shows, canapés and a glass of Champagne on arrival.

Get your early bird tickets at the lowest price right now (only limited available) and don’t forget to register for the mailing list so we can send you the latest news.

I’m looking forward to welcome you all in October!


Double Sessions with Mistress Ezada and Madame Caramel

I am a true believer of Female Domination in my life. My domination over you is real and uncompromising. I am superior, your Goddess.

There are only few other ladies that are powerful like me. Mistress Ezada is definitely one of them. she rules her Queendom strictly and without mercy just like me.
Mistress Ezada will be visiting London from March 3rd till the 6th and will stay at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite. Mistress Ezada doesn’t session that often she gives that privilege only to her proven devotees.
While she is in London we will offer session together. Imagine being at both our feet. We will over power you the moment you enter our domain. The air will be buzzing with raw female power. This is such a unique opportunity, if you are a believer female domination don’t miss this.

For the both of us we charge £500,- per hour. But if you truly want to experience our female dominance book an overnight with us.

Contact Me or Mistress Ezada

Ezada-Sinn-strap-on-photo-by-Hans-watermark madame-caramel-photo-by-hans-van-der-kamp

Photo’s: Hans van der Kamp

A Beautiful poem by @siriusb74

Hans van der Kamp

Photo: Hans van der Kamp

She is all and all is Hers.

Her presence only brings light:

Her presence, Dark  Perfection, brings light.

She is all and all is Hers.

Allowed to the blessing of Her will,

You get speechless: and Her Dark Perfection gives you words.

You get blind: and Her Dark Perfection gives you eyes.

You get lost: and Her Dark Perfection gives you roads.

She is all and all is Hers:

And suddenly  you realize that you are nothing

And suddenly  you realize that you can be something

Just because Her Dark Perfection

Grants you to be something

Allows you to be something

Wants you to be something.

You realize you are nothing:

and Her Dark perfection shapes you.

She is all and all is Hers

And Hers you are:

Because there is no more existence

Out of the light of Her Dark Perfection.

No more being

Out of the will of Her Dark Perfection.

She is all and all is Hers,

Because all is blessed

By the true light

Of Her Dark Perfection.


Brutal Punishment

Most of the time I am a very kind and sensual Mistress but sometimes I need to show my property who the boss is. Nothing better them my precious spiked paddle for this job. I need my slave completely silenced and secured for this job. A bondage hood with a very big gag makes sure no begging will leave his mouth. Heavy duty cuffs and some rope makes sure he has nowhere to go.

Watch me smile while I start his punishment. The more he screams and pulls his cuffs the more I get aroused. Every time my paddle smashes his silly white bottom I feel waves of pleasure rushing trough my body. After a while he stops fighting and accepts his punishment for me, for my pleasure, my love.

He is such a good boy, can you handle this much pain for me? Are you devoted enough? Let’s find out!

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As a bonus you can watch his recovery for free, look how grateful he is.

Madame Caramel and Lady Andromeda Milking the slave

Every month this slave has an appointment with Nurse Andromeda and Nurse Caramel. If the Nurses think he needs a good milking he is allowed out of his cage. He is never allowed to touch his cock but the Nurses have a special device to extract his milk. Will he be able to deliver, or is will it be back into chastity before he could cum?

Watch the full length clip!

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