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In Dubai now

Surprise I am in Dubai now. A very loyal slave couldn´t let me leave the Middle East without seeing me. He couldn’t leave Dubai so he arrange a first class ticket to get his Mistress to him. Now that is what I call devotion and I will do the same for you if you let me travel in style. I have some time to see my other slaves in Dubai, so contact me and you can be at my feet very soon. Use or +97455765244

Madame Caramel

Last days in Doha – book me now

I had a great time in Bahrain with my boys. We had great sessions and plenty of parties. Now I a back in Doha and I need some good pampering and worshipping. I want a boy at my feet at all time. To facilitate my every wish to massage me to play with to punish when I want. Book your session now and learn to serve me. Contact me now:

Madame Caramel

I am in Doha now

Yes I am in the Middle East again. This time my boys invited me to go to Doha/Qatar. I just love Doha so much to do for a Dominatrix like me. My loyal boys will keep me busy but I have some time available for new slaves. You can contact me and you will be on your knees worshipping my feet in just a few hours :)
You can contact me at:

Madame  Caramel

A day in the life of a dominatrix

I am back in London now. As you all now I am a lifestyle Mistress. I have slaves around the house to clean and to be at my beck and call. I am always looking for new submissive boys in my life. Tell me what you can do to make my life easier and I might summon you to serve me.

A month in Dubai

As always a picture is worth a thousand words:

Femdom Retreat 14th-17th of November 2014

I will be attending the Femdom Retreat weekend organized by Mistress Ava Von Medisin. We will stay in an luxurious Villa in Norfolk with several international top Mistresses like Mistress Ezada Sinn.
I am looking for 2 slaves to serve me that weekend. This is your chance to serve me 3 days 24h a day.
This is the opportunity of a life time for every true slave. Not a session for an hour but living the life it.
If you think you handle it you can apply to be my slave for the weekend. A tribute of £ 1000,- is required. That includes everything for the weekend even some special clothes that my latex designer will make exclusively for this weekend and some new painful toys.
So fill in my contact form and apply for this very special weekend.



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