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Its that time again my arab boys. You beautiful black mistress is coming to town with a bigger collection of toys lots of new outfits for me and my sissy boys.

Mistress will be in Dubai on the 6th August but i will be also travelling to Doha , Jordan & Bahrain


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Madame Caramel

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Madame Caramel

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Lifestyle V Professional

They can both be rewarding if you get the right submissive or client in your domain. As a professional dominatrix, I truly enjoy the thrill of meeting different submissives, slaves, sluts and sissies. All these different types of play and different scenarios and fetishes can be such a turn on. But like everything in life, the first time is nerve racking for both. We don’t know each other and, depending on personalities, it can really take a while to connect to someone. I’m connectable, I love people so if they come with the right attitude, with great vibes, with a great understanding of what I say on my website then we are more likely to get along just fine. As a professional I’m here to cater for some fetishes and fantasies, to help you experience your deepest and darkest desires, providing of course I agree with them. Not every one is lucky enough to find that ever lasting connection with someone special who is also dominant and who truly enjoys the D/s dynamics.


Now enjoying the lifestyle, and I say this from experience, is really bliss. To have the man that you love and adore put you on a pedestal on a daily basis, release you from the mundane, attend to all your needs and indulge with you in your wildest fantasies is truly a godsend to a woman. It’s very hard to find, but not impossible. It takes a real man to submit and allow a woman to lead him. My advice to many is to look for the same qualities in a submissive that you would want in a vanilla partner, this combined with his need to serve is a win-win situation. I have 5 collared slaves and two as my love partners and submissives. Nevertheless I still have an enormous line of clients who I truly enjoy and appreciate. In the end I love and care for them all.

The Dominant Types.

Over the years I have observed many forms of Dominant submissive behaviour. Although I have never been known as one to try and categorise anything or anybody, in the educational spirit of creating discussion and thought, I wanted to discuss some of my observations. Hopefully this dissertation will help those new to the lifestyle find a place for themselves, an area to identify with or explain various forms of Dominant submissive behaviour. And for those who are in the lifestyle to just enjoy the discussion.

I think that Dominants can fall into one of three categories , with modifications within them. I want to discuss the major categories, but leave the modifications to your imagination and/or conclusions. There could even be combinations of types. The types fall into the categories of Authoritarian, Democratic, and Equalitarian. These types have their sub counterparts. I will discuss the main characteristics of these subs and again leave the various modifications thereof up to your imagination. Remember, although I may mention some negative things about some of these categories, these persons and situations must be evaluated by the quality of the people involved and not by the activities themselves. Remember that variation is endless. I do not intend to offend anyone by these generalisations. We all know that there are exceptions to every rule and that “we” are all “exceptions.”

The Authoritarian Dominant

The Authoritarian Dominant is one who “rules” with the absolute power, the total control. Makes all decisions, there is no questioning of what is asked or done. The only recourse the sub may enjoy is perhaps a safe word or , if allowed, few if any limitations. These Dom’s enjoy the strictest master/slave relationships. They attract subs who want to be totally controlled. This is the “slave” submissive. Many of these subs find themselves being considered doormat types by those who do not understand this form of D/s. (However, it may attract door-mat type persons and power freak type individuals). This form may and usually does involve strict total voluntary surrender either mentally/emotionally and/or physically, and usually through heavy S&M activities. This is where pushed limits are very much a part of the activities. Some of the strongest bonds/relationships exist in these situations. Here is where one can also find the strict 24 hours a day 7 days a week (24 / 7) D/s relationships. There are no long drawn out training sessions to effect certain behaviours as in the Democratic Domination. Things are just done, no negotiations; limits are pushed and it is accepted by both. There is a great sense of closeness and coupling in the uncensored relinquishing of power and the wielding of absolute control. They fully understand this concept of D/s and live it strictly and with elegance. Their implements (toys if you will , but in this type I don’t look upon them as toys – you can be sure that they are the “real” thing) are highly crafted, sometimes intricate, wielded proficiently and effectively. The Dominants are highly skilled in their use. And you might say that the submissives are highly skilled at receiving the results. These implements developed by the Authoritarian types are borrowed in kind and concept by other D/s types. It can be a profound and sobering experience for some not yet familiar with this type of domination to witness an Authoritarian scene. You will find this type referred to as real D/s. and it is “real.” This is what “real” is usually referred to. But D/s is not only S&M , it encompasses a wide variety of D/s behaviours and conventions. So real is real for what you are involved in and not what others do. This “is” real BDSM, have no doubt about this. It is, however, only one aspect or area of D/s. I think that here one finds the situation where individuals feel naturally (born) this way and fall into this easily and with great acceptance and comfort in spite of outward appearances.

Did you know, the Asj Community hosts ‘Dominant submissive and BDSM Lifestyle Classes and Discussions’ here online every Sunday evening at 9:00 pm Eastern Time. The Classes and Discussions are open to all and Free to attend. Visit our Members Only Pages for more information, or click any of our “Member/Visitor Support” icons to ask for more information.

The Democratic Dominant

The Democratic Dominant ( sounds like an oxymoron ) is one who controls by agreement. Contracts, discussions, limitations, conditions, safe words, times of day, places where, are all spelled out or discussed and are strictly followed. Sometimes in written contracts. Punishments are provided for the enjoyment of both when these are not followed; and rewards are given (I think) when they are followed. Submissives who are attracted to these situations are those who want the same agreed conditions, especially the limitations. They can be called feisty, bad, spoiled, hard to tame, because they like to challenge the limits/rules — either because they want it this way (to have control), or have certain fears. This can be the game area, where fun supersedes the Dominant/submissive operative. The Dominant and submissive like the actual and varied activities and enjoy participating in them. The submissive probably does not want to actually surrender, but likes playing as if she is does. These form the least strong relationships and bonds. This area is where the fun seekers usually reside, those who do not fully understand or have not fully experienced what D/s is, and maybe don’t want to. Or, frankly, the inexperienced. The activity or concept of “Topping from the Bottom” is also found here. The rules are a guide to those who like this type of interaction, or a crutch for those who have little or no knowledge of what it is all about on an intellectual, philosophical and physical level. “Cookbook” Domming and submitting. Many like this type of situation since it is a convenient and safe way to play with D/s (fun) or it makes it easy to feel like they are or are indeed practicing D/s. This type also serves a very good purpose as a safe passage to other forms of D/s, or for learning, especially among those who are doing this for the first time with someone new, or for the first time ever. After experience with D/s or experience with that particular person is gained, the “rules of the road” so to speak become more of an intimated reaction between the two, and can lead to some very strong and satisfying D/s relationships. Some of these types or agreements can be of the 24/7 type, usually by agreement, but most involve predetermined parameters. This is the area for those Dominants who like long drawn out training sessions and submissives who are resistant to certain things and need to be broken down or want to be broken down repeatedly. Also, surprisingly, we can find the very S&M orientated individuals here as well as in the Authoritarian (totalitarian) types. The individuals are very much into the giving and receiving pain. The relationship is formed with what you might say is an underlying agreement; that is ” I like and enjoy giving you as much pain as I can give and you can stand.” — “You want and enjoy as much pain as I can give and you can stand.” — “Agreed.” — “So let’s be together.” Another democratic agreement made.

The Equalitarian Dominant

The Equalitarian Dominant is one who controls by teaching, mentoring and leading. This Dominant feels and knows that when they find a comparable submissive that things will happen as a progression of the interaction. Usually just a mention or short learning situation is necessary to obtain a certain interaction. Both the Dominant and the submissive “get it”, need very little, so called “training” and naturally know what the other needs after interaction. This Dominant does not like the situation of constantly repeating and forcing a particular behavior (submission) to occur. It is not the activities but the surrender as the result of the Domination that is the objective and enjoyment. Creativity is an important part of this situation. These are the more intellectual, into the philosophy/psychology mechanism of this lifestyle. They understand the concepts and resultant interactions and can put it into real life. They do not need many “rules” like the Democratic type , nor do they like the heavy S&M activities; preferring submission to occur as a result of an instilled desire in the submissive to surrender. She “wants” to as a result of the Dominant’s knowledge and skill at Dominating. Sensuousness is the rule and pain is given and received as a form of sensuous stimulation. Light pain as opposed to severe. Sensuous torture is a popular activity in this area. Both the Dominant and the submissive must be naturally this way. These are the ones who claim to be born this way, have always been this way. They fully understand the concept of D/s – it comes to them naturally and easily. They attract a submissive who truly and naturally wants to please, and who will observe and sense what the dominant is communicating; and be able to translate that into the right thing to do. The doing or saying without having to be told type. The submissives beg easily and surrender sweetly. They understand the concept of respect and surrender and can make it happen after initial learning with little or no additional instructions. They embrace the surrender gratefully and lovingly. These individuals usually form the most intimate of relationships, the closest. There is not much downside to these relationships, because they not only grasp the concepts, but can make it happen too; and their attraction is based on strong mutual respect. Their strong relationship is not readily apparent to the unobservant, but they are always subtly in the 24-7 mode. The fact that these things come forth naturally and without the need for orders or rules are a great affirmation and source of pride, satisfaction and loving. Just as the strictness and forbearance without the need for orders or rules of the Authoritarian/Totalitarian situation affirms pride, satisfaction and loving.
by: Owlm48

10 Submissive Types. Which one are you ??

The Conceptual Submissive: This submissive is one that learns everything they know about submission from romance or erotica books and the internet. This submissive will normally only become an online sub or slave and try to administer advice to others with no real experience or concept of what BDSM is. They usually live a vanilla life outside of the cyber world.

The Mental Submissive: The mental submissive begins his or her submission in their mind. This person is submissive in and out of the bedroom. They generally have a need to submit or surrender to a Dominant. The act of submission is all mental but can also consist of physical. S/he can give as much or as little as they wish to or need to give. The surrendering is the power exchange. Once the surrender occurs, they can become an empty vessel for the Dominant to mold in whatever image They wish. Love is not required, as this is a mental submission.

The Romantic Submissive: This type of submissive wishes to surrender everything, without becoming a slave. In comparison with the mental submissive, a romantic submissive craves the love of the Dominant they submit to. The act of submission is full of emotion and love. They give all they have for the return of love and trust from the Dominant they serve.

The Bedroom Submissive: This type of submissive is Vanilla in every facet of their life or even Dominant, but when the bedroom door shuts, the roles drop and they submit to the Dominant. The bedroom is where the power exchange happens and stays. This submission is almost always sexual in nature. In the bedroom, the act of submission is complete. But, when the bedroom door is open, the bedroom submissive returns to the vanilla world or role.

The Servant: This type of submissive is only interested in serving a Dominant. This submissive typically does not include sexual activities. They run errands, clean the home, run a Dominant’s calendar or arrange meetings for the Dominant. This type of submissive satisfies their submissive needs by doing things for other people. This is a very special type of submissive.

The Sex Slave: This submissive is in this Lifestyle for sex, with one person, many people, or in any way that can be imagined. This person rarely has any limits when it comes to sex and will allow a Dominant to use pain as a method of arousal and release, with little or no cautions. This submissive cannot imagine any punishment worse than being locked in a chastity device or not given permission to masturbate or have sexual release.

The Slave: Unlike a submissive, a slave must surrender completely and be completely controlled by a Master. The slave must feel completely owned. They can become a different person when a Master trains them to serve Him/Her in whatever way they prefer. When Master is happy, the slave is happy. They feel most complete when with a Master. The slave beams when s/he brings Master pleasure.

The SAMs: These are ‘Smart Ass Masochists’. They deliberately misbehave all the time so the Dominant will punish them. These types of subs are frowned upon in the BDSM community. Most people feel these subs are too weak to honestly ask for what they want. At times, they can provoke real anger without thinking how their behavior can affect the Dominant. The Dominant may then lose control and do actual harm to the SAM. They feel great remorse in losing control and can lose confidence in their Dominant abilities.

The Attention Seeker: These types of submissives are the ones that always do things to seek attention from other submissives and Dominants alike. They post status updates on web sites that try to make you feel sorry for them, post lots of pictures of themselves in various states of undress, not because they are proud of their bodies but from the need to receive good comments to make validate their efforts, and are generally very whiney. These kinds of submissives are mostly found in cyberspace and are generally frowned on by real life BDSM practitioners.

The Alpha Submissive: This person believes they are the ultimate, uber submissive. They think no one can come close to their knowledge, level of submissiveness, or training in protocol. They believe they are a step above all other subs and slaves. These people are generally not real submissives. They tend to read books and articles about the Lifestyle, may even submit to a Dom, but generally have no experience and don’t know what to do with book knowledge in real situations. They also do not have the need to submit internally and only want to do it for the experience.

Now, these are the different types of subs/slaves that I use to categorize. Don’t forget that you may not fall into just one area, but several. You also may not agree with my descriptions. But hopefully, this will give you a broader understanding of the different levels of submission and the many forms it can come in.

By Michelle Fegatofi’s.

Black Mistress Edinburgh 13-15th July

By public demand your beautiful black mistress was requested to be back to Edinburgh and i already have a line up for servants ready to kiss my supreme black feet.

I have only few limited spaces so book your session NOW. You will expected to pay a deposit as i dont have time nor patience for timewasters


Madame Caramel

How to Find a Pro Domme and Become Her Favorite Pet

You want Her to beat you. You want Her to humiliate you. You want Her to own your miserable ass. It’s not rocket science, but there is a right way and a wrong way to make contact with a Dominatrix.

Male SlaveFind Her. You might find Her on Twitter, you might use a Mistress Directory Here you will find the best & Visiting Dominas. You might Google Her. Either way, the first step is finding the right Mistress for you.
Do Your Homework. Spend some time on Her website (and Twitter feed!) – and not just perving her pics you filthy pig. Read what She has written. Make sure She is the right fit for you. For example, if you really, really want to be pegged, make sure She offers that service. If you like trampling, make sure She is a CBT aficionado. If you choose a Domme who doesn’t match your interests, then don’t blame Her if you’re unsatisfied. Be honest with Her and with yourself!
Follow Her rules. Most FemDoms have a preferred method for you to make contact. Many expect you to submit an application. Take the time to do it right. Don’t think that you’re a special case, and forget thinking that YOU, special boy, deserve any extra attention. Mistresses receive stacks of applications and inquiries. Trying to go through the backdoor will get you ignored.
Write well. Use proper grammar, complete sentences. Typos happen, but short choppy phrases, text speak, and careless correspondence will earn you disdain. Take the time to write clearly and to write in detail. She deserves it.
Be deferential. Yes, you’re the client, but She is the fucking Dominatrix. Know your place. Refer to Her with respect and humble yourself. No, you don’t necessarily have to beg, but you should avoid sounding demanding, insistent, impatient or with any sense that you anything but undeserving of Her time.
Capitalize. Refer to Her as “You” and “Mistress.” Most Dommes expect to receive this treatment, and as stated above, She deserves it.
Don’t Waste Her Time. Time wasters suck. Mistresses hate them. Be specific about places and times. Respond to Her messages quickly. Do not ask unnecessary questions. Do not expect Her to take any more time dealing with you than is absolutely necessary. If you are lucky enough to win an appointment with Her, be on time. No, be early – unless She tells you otherwise.
Be Grateful and Generous. Express your sincere appreciation for Her time. Tell Her thank you often – before, during and after your session. Send Her a gift after your session – flowers, a new toy, an article of clothing, shoes, anything on Her gift list – and She will remember you well. Yes, Her session fee is set, but Mistresses appreciate clients who appreciate them. Bring a gift every time you see Her or overpay. You don’t have to double the session fee or buy Her £500 shoes to stand out. A thoughtful gift or an extra £50 or £100 will help get you noticed. Even bringing your session fee in a nice and thoughtful greeting card is an extra tough that She will remember.
Be Clean. Nothing will get you remembered poorly faster than showing up to a session smelling badly. Shower that day, ideally immediately prior to your session. Do not come to Her dungeon wearing grubby clothes and smelling like you just took a shit on the subway. Be well groomed and dress in an attractive manner, and She will take notice of you.
Be Obedient. Do what She says, when she says to do it. If She tells you to bring something to your session, have it. If She tells you to wait, do so patiently. She is in charge, and your goal is to show Her your complicity, obedience and desire to please Her.
Will these 10 steps guarantee that you of become any Mistress’s favorite pet? No. They will help ensure you always move toward the top of Her correspondence, and they will earn you favor for Her time and Her appreciation of you, which is ultimately what you want.

Written by Under Heels