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  • American boy – Bahrain – October 2014

    Madame Caramel is the most amazing Domme you will ever visit. An exhilarating experience awaits you at her hands.

    She combines the skills needed with the imagination of a true artist to bring you to your knees in anticipation of what will happen next.

    Unparalleled in her mastery of the sensual and sadistic, Madame Caramel is the answer, look no further!

    American boy – Bahrain – October 2014
  • Maid Anna – London, England

    Madame Caramel is a beautiful, very experienced Domme who knows what you are thinking before you know it yourself!

    Having been a devoted sub for Madame for some time, she is still as capable of surprising and pushing your limits in a new direction as from the first day.

    If you’re plucking up the courage to contact her then I can only say do it now! You will never regret it!

    Maid Anna – London, England
  • Slave Ramsay – Dubai – August 2015

    Building on the last time we met and drawing our connection and understanding closer. Mistress and I scheduled an occasion so I would be able to devote myself to her. It is true that I cannot stop thinking of her – that is constructing session scenarios. Ultimately it is and always will be her hand(or whip) on things that allures me to her.

    The very subtle change is what I appreciate about my Mistress’ command of her environment. She is robust and vigilent, with your trust placed in her. That will be seen in the reward of having your boundaries overcome and worries set aside. Her presence is both one of sensuality, grace and candor.

    Slave Ramsay – Dubai – August 2015