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Explore “Fly Me to You” Bookings

"Fly Me to You" Bookings: Travel with Me

Discover the straightforward process for “Fly Me to You” (FMTY) bookings and the exciting details of these engagements. When you choose to invite me to join you in your city, we will create unforgettable memories together. Read on to learn more about how to make your FMTY experience truly exceptional.

Fly Me to You Bookings

For Fly Me to You bookings, the process is simple: complete my application form, specify the city, and provide three alternative dates. Upon agreement, 50% of the fee is to be paid discreetly through credit card facilities. Once payment is received, I will arrange flights and accommodations, sharing all details with you. On the day of travel, settle the remaining payment, and ensure arrangements are made for my arrival. During our sessions, we’ll agree on a plan in advance. Depending on my travel destination, I may need uninterrupted resting time. Afterward, you’ll be summoned to my presence for a warm greeting. Don’t forget to bring gifts—Chanel No. 5 perfume, champagne, or perhaps book me a massage. Lunch/dinner times are flexible, respecting your privacy.

Fly Me to You Engagements

My Fly Me to You engagements include two hours of play, two hours of servitude, and two hours of relaxation and sightseeing daily, so you will spend 6 hours with me. I travel with an array of BDSM equipment, tailored to your session preferences. From leather and neoprene body bags to impact toys, ropes, cuffs, and medical instruments, my collection ensures a versatile and enjoyable experience.


Rates and Booking Information



Minimum of two days

Middle East

Standard offering

Africa/Asia (Extended Options)

Extended options

Lunch/Dinner/Theatre/Opera Dates Plus

Minimum duration of five hours

Overnight/Daytime Liaisons (London or Amsterdam/Eindhoven)

Eight hours of shared time

Fly With You (FWY) Experience

Joining you on your business trip

Please note that all bookings require a 50% deposit through a discreet link accepting all cards, with the remaining payment settled on the day. Madame Caramel upholds her rules and refuses to negotiate prices or accept payments in ways other than specified.

Escape the Ordinary with Mistress Caramel

Your 3/7-Day Holiday Escape with Mistress

Escape the ordinary and embark on a mesmerising journey with your beloved Mistress as you indulge in a tantalising 3/7-day holiday. This adventure promises a perfect blend of leisure, sightseeing, adrenaline-pumping adventures, rhythmic dancing, and playful moments, creating memories that will linger in your hearts forever.

Day 1

Lounging in Tranquility

The first day sets the tone for relaxation and connection. Choose a serene resort or a cozy cabin where you and your Mistress can unwind amidst breathtaking landscapes. Spend lazy hours by the pool, enjoy spa treatments, and relish gourmet meals. Let the gentle caress of time bring you closer together in the tranquil ambiance.

Day 2

Exploring the Local Gems

Venture out for a day of sightseeing and cultural exploration. Immerse yourselves in the charm of local markets, historical landmarks, and scenic spots. Capture the essence of the destination through shared experiences, creating a tapestry of memories that will forever be woven into the fabric of your relationship.

School of fish by underwater volcano

Day 3

Adrenaline-Fueled Adventures

For the thrill-seekers, day three is reserved for heart-pounding adventures. Embark on a hiking expedition, try zip-lining through the treetops, or explore underwater wonders with snorkeling or diving ( not sure about that ha ha ) . The shared excitement and triumph over challenges will deepen your connection and create a bond that goes beyond the ordinary.

People dancing in club

Day 4

Rhythmic Nights of Dancing

As the sun sets, let the rhythm take over. Find a lively dance club or a romantic venue with live music. Lose yourselves in the music, move in sync, and let the dance floor be the canvas where your emotions paint a vivid picture of love and joy. Dancing together is not just an expression; it’s a celebration of the connection you share.

Day 5

Playful Moments and Shared Laughter

Dedicate a day to playfulness and shared laughter. Engage in activities that bring out the childlike joy in both of you – be it a playful water fight, a tandem bike ride, or a whimsical day at an amusement park. These moments of lightheartedness will create a treasure trove of memories that you’ll revisit with a smile.

Crafting Unforgettable Memories Together


A 3/7-day holiday with your Mistress is a tapestry woven with threads of lounging, sightseeing, adventures, dancing, and playful moments. This immersive experience not only rejuvenates the spirit but also strengthens the bonds of love and connection, ensuring that your journey together is filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. All of this with lots of Playtime in between .  You will take care of hotel ,flights and excursions my fee will be agreed beforehand .

Exploring BDSM Desires

Dive into a World of Sensual Exploration

BDSM Interests & Fetishes

  • Anal Training/Strap-On Play/Fisting
  • Ass Worship
  • Ball Busting
  • Bondage
  • Breath Play
  • CBT
  • CEI
  • CFNM
  • Chastity/Keyholding
  • Corporal Punishment/Impact Play
  • Crossdressing/Makeovers
  • Domestic Servitude/Maid Training
  • Electrics
  • Fear Play
  • Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship
  • “Forced” Bi
  • Facessiting
  • Humiliation
  • Interrogation Fantasy
  • Latex/Nylon/Satin
  • Mummification
  • Medical
  • Orgasm Denial, Control and Torture
  • OTK Spanking
  • Sissification/Sissy Training
  • Slave Training
  • Spitting
  • Smothering
  • Trampling/Beatdown
  • Watersports
  • Whipping/Flogging      

Lounging in Tranquility

There’s things we all won’t do and here is a list of Mine. These are non negotiable.

NO “full service” – including kissing, sexual intercourse, the giving or receiving of oral sex, Breast worship etc.

Mistress Training and Guidance

Empowerment in Domination: Mentorship and Workshops

Dominatrix MasterClass

Personalized mentorship for professional and aspiring dominants, available in-person or online for individuals or groups. Get insights on establishing a successful dominatrix business, including best practices during sessions, travel, setting up a dungeon, website launch, advertising, legal responsibilities, and more.

Starting at £1000 for three 2-hour master classes (in-person or online).

Webinar on Dominating the Online Space

Whether you’re new to professional domination or experienced, learn how to establish and enhance your online presence. Topics covered include transitioning your client base online, on-camera presence, filming techniques, social media, custom clips, leveraging platforms like OnlyFans, and chatlines.

£600 for 2 hours.


Guidance for those seeking an FLR (Female-Led Relationship) but unsure of where to start. Serious conversation via Skype to develop fundamental skills and emotional understanding. Expect direct feedback on behavior and guidance to find the right Mistress.

£450 for 1 hour.

Training for Couples in BDSM/Femdom Dynamics

Learn safe and consensual BDSM techniques from an experienced professional mistress. Topics include proper whipping techniques, safety precautions, and recognizing signs of distress. No judgment on preferences or experiences. Class lasts 90 minutes and can be conducted in various locations, including BDSM dungeons


Lifestyle Mistress FLR Workshop

Gain insights into female-led and strict Femdom relationships from someone with over 13 years of experience. Workshop includes tips, Q&A sessions, and candid discussions. Exclusive for women; attending with a friend is encouraged.


Middle East Mistress Training Course

For the past 15 years, I’ve been visiting the Middle East and facilitating opportunities for everyone to explore its amazing cities, from Dubai to Saudi and beyond. Join my online workshop conducted via Zoom or Skype, where I’ll guide you through the nuances of working in Dubai. I’ll share insights on recommended hotels, introduce you to unique experiences like a privately-owned BDSM dungeon in Dubai, and offer advice on the dos and don’ts of navigating the Middle East, among other valuable information.