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Discover the Essence of Madame Caramel

Explore the allure, expertise, and world of Madame Caramel—a captivating dominatrix with nearly two decades of experience in the captivating realm of BDSM.


Your Guide to Dominance and Surrender

Madame Caramel - A Captivating Journey

Over Two Decades of Expertise

With nearly 20 years of classical training and experience in BDSM, I bring a wealth of knowledge to every session.

A Well-Traveled Dominatrix

I've explored Europe and the Middle East, offering Fly Me to You bookings and extensive tours.

Genuine Connections

I focus on establishing authentic D/s relationships with selective submissives who seek immersive experiences.

True Control

My primary emphasis now lies in embracing genuine control with classic submissives who desire more than just an hour.

Unveiling My Journey

Madame Caramel's Path to Domination

Allow me to share the story of my evolution as a dominatrix, from my humble beginnings to my current status as a seasoned and respected figure in the world of BDSM.

Learn about the principles that guide my approach to domination and how I’ve transformed my sessions into immersive and authentic experiences.



(1500+ reviews)

This was the second training I did with @NubianMatriarch and I super loved it. She first helped me integrate in my Dubai experience, and now a workshop to help with my kinky practices. Can totally recommend.

Lia Lazuli

I had the absolute honour of training this week under the guidance of @NubianMatriarch. Something I have wanted to do for a long time and expand my repertoire for @KLECollective I would recommend her training to any SW that wants to expand their skills. ❤️??

Penelope Bond

For a while now as a professional companion and lifestyle BDSM player, I’ve wanted to venture into professional domination but felt intimidated. As I dabbled as a submissive for a while I realised my true calling was domination and switch play. Thankfully after following Madame Caramel for a while on Twitter I was assured she was the best mentor on teaching me how to use implements, marketing myself and engaging with my subs. She is an inspirational woman, all around and a true professional. I look further to new mentorship opportunities with her!

Mimi Fawn