Madame Caramel

Femdom Weekend Retreat – 2/3 days

Femdom Weekend Retreat – 2/3 days

Slave boy you always yearned to serve a genuine Femdom Mistress for a full weekend? Be used in the way she feel fit and no questions asked…

Really made feel like a real slave to a beautiful sensual educated mistress? I’m your woman.

I’m creating this party for genuine born slaves, so if you know that this is you…. if you have that slavish heart and want to give it to me ….I will nurture, love it and hurt it.

This is not for fantasist – the high standard of servitude will be so great and you will constantly be tested. So if it’s not truly in your heart, you’ll break within a couple of hours.

Note: You don’t need to be masochist but if you truly have a slavish heart and you deserve to be punished you will accept and thank me for it!!!

It’s all very simple: You arrive Friday and are stripped of your clothes/documents/etc. You’ll sign the weekend servitude contract. I will inform you of what will be happening on that day and we start genuine servitude. On the last day your affairs will be returned and you’ll be sent home.

No need to know what happens in between because it’s up to me and only me. I am a sane woman and you will quickly understand this. You will trust me implicitly and you will be begging to not be released.

You can serve just me or my beautiful femdom friends may join us. You might like to serve with another slave, let’s talk about it – note that the possibilities are endless!! If you want me to visit somewhere of your choosing, this is also a possibility

■Slaveish Heart
■Genuine desire to serve
■Able to cook and clean
■Culture and intelligent
■Good appearance and higiene
■Believe in Femdom doctrines

■Cook breakfast, lunch, dinner
■Bath and sort Mistress’s clothes
■Clean apartment and dungeon
■Might drive
■Be required to serve at home or dungeon
■Attend events with mistress
■Serve guests (if is the case)

and much more…. Email me to book

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