Madame Caramel

Full Day Maid Training

For those who wish to experience Maid training for a longer period of time, Mistress can arrange to take you into servitude as a Maid for a day from 10pm to 5pm . This will take place in a domestic setting .

This experience is about servitude to Mistress and of course will be incorporated with a session.

The day will start of course with me and possible another Mistress Friend doing your make up and transform you into a beautiful girl .

Then we will help you dress in a beautiful lingerie set and place your breasts the bigger the better , sort your wig and dress you in one of my maid Mistress Elaine maid Uniforms and petticoats or my Birchplace ones. I will decide due to sizing

You will be locked in chastity and be ready to serve me /us.

I expect you to cook a light lunch ( i will teach and supervise of course ) set up table , pour drinks .

Then i/we will tech you protocol , Deportment , the art of curtsying , the way to address your superiors and vocalisation , I like a feminine voice.

Then you will be use for my pleasure , play of course will be agreed beforehand .

Are you ready for this ? This could be on a week day or a weekend 24 hours notice required

Email me ASAP

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