Madame Caramel

A Culinary Exploration of Submissive Elegance and Public Humiliation

I have a deep appreciation for extended luncheons or elegant dining experiences, particularly when accompanied by the right individuals who embrace a submissive role. My selection process for company is quite discerning. Do you believe you possess the qualities I seek? Allow me to provide a glimpse into the potential scenarios, keeping in mind that all details will be thoroughly discussed beforehand.

In the realm of dominance and submission during a dining affair, various possibilities exist. These may involve subtle or extreme forms of public humiliation, such as compelling a submissive to wear specific attire like panties or a butt plug throughout the meal, making choices on their behalf, employing name-calling in the presence of waitstaff, or even the unconventional act of consuming a specially prepared drink.

I derive great satisfaction from infusing elements of public humiliation into dinner sessions, ranging from nuanced to daring. Additionally, I revel in the indulgence of exquisite meals at top-tier restaurants, making dinner domination a delightful experience for me. Those fortunate enough to share a dinner table with me, adorned in appropriate date attire, may find themselves feeling like the most privileged individuals alive. However, this privilege comes with the price of enduring my carefully orchestrated humiliations for my personal entertainment.

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