Madame Caramel

Attend the German Fetish Ball as my servant

I just adore travelling the world to the most amazing Fetish events yearly. In May 2018 is time for the German Fetish Weekend 9th May to 13th May 2018 I’m very excited.

The preparations started to make my annually attendance to the German Fetish Weekend. I missed last year but i will not this year. I can’t  wait to see the amazing Dominatrices , fetish models  and many more.

I have instructed my owned slave Joris to get flight tickets now i want 3 boys to contribute to rent Residenz Avalon  so we have full privacy and lots of playtime.

Buy your tickets BUY

I absolutely adore to be surrounded by genuine submissive in my trips so feel free to apply to join my entourage in Berlin. Serve me and my wonderful friends for the weekend.

All servants will be sharing the bills and duties if you wish to know the details email me ASAP

Send your application to

Madame Caramel 




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