Madame Caramel

Berlin Fetish Weekend with Madame Caramel

I’ll be in Berlin to attend the incredible annual German Fetish Weekend, arriving on the 8th and departing on the 13th of May. I’ll be bringing my suitcase filled with BDSM gear, and I’ll be exclusively offering BDSM sessions from my hotel or apartment. Since I’ll be driving to Berlin, I’ll have an extensive collection, including neoprene and leather body bags, various electrical devices, corporal punishment tools, whips, and more.

Sessions are limited as I aim to fully immerse myself in the Fetish Weekend experience with friends. I’ll give preference to submissives who want to join me as part of my entourage. You’ll have the opportunity to stay with me and my personal slave in the apartment, serving me privately and personally, and attending events by my side. You’ll share the apartment bill with my other companion, and while we’ll enjoy some events together, the main one will be a group activity.

There’s an additional fee for this arrangement, which we can discuss. If you’re interested, feel free to email me at

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