Madame Caramel

Black Mistress in Basel , Madame Caramel

This was my first trip to Basel and i will be definitely returning. Not table to see clients because you are fully booked it is very disheartening . I know some where waiting a very long time see me but i will always give preference to the ones that pay a deposit and i only see 3 clients a day and if i have a overnight then i only schedule a booking in the afternoon so i get a blood boiling and my creativity unlocked.

I was spoilt for choice but at the end a Gentleman wished me away 20KM away from Basel to Germany o spend time with him in his Villa in a little picturesque village .

After making sure i has safe, i then accept his invitation to join him.

I must say the ones who pay the full fee are the less complicated clients. The process of booking was so easy . He followed all my instruction and screening methods and paid the deposit all within 4 hours.

This is how you turn on and allow the Mistress to relax so the session can flow.

We had wonderful 2 days together where we played and enjoy great food and drinks and amazing conversation .

We will most definitely repeat this later in the year.

Thank you all K

Madame Caramel

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