Madame Caramel

Brutal Punishment

Most of the time I am a very kind and sensual Mistress but sometimes I need to show my property who the boss is. Nothing better them my precious spiked paddle for this job. I need my slave completely silenced and secured for this job. A bondage hood with a very big gag makes sure no begging will leave his mouth. Heavy duty cuffs and some rope makes sure he has nowhere to go.

Watch me smile while I start his punishment. The more he screams and pulls his cuffs the more I get aroused. Every time my paddle smashes his silly white bottom I feel waves of pleasure rushing trough my body. After a while he stops fighting and accepts his punishment for me, for my pleasure, my love.

He is such a good boy, can you handle this much pain for me? Are you devoted enough? Let’s find out!

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As a bonus you can watch his recovery for free, look how grateful he is.

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