Madame Caramel

Champagne afternoon Tea

DSC_0419I now offer Fem Dom couples to join Me for Champagne Afternoon Tea. The arrangements can always be suited to the Lady’s preference, but Madame Caramel offers an hour’s preparation and training for the submissive, whether in a role as maid or butler, while the Lady relaxes. Then Madame will send a car for the Lady to join Her in her personal residence where both the Ladies will be served a high-quality Champagne Afternoon Tea by the submissive and, if available, Madame Caramel’s own personal maid.

This will be a relaxed and enjoyable environment for the Ladies. Maybe not so much for the servant! Soft BDSM play and punishment for poor service is optional at the discretion of the visiting Lady. Madame Caramel will provide a luxury, high quality maid uniform if required and will be happy to dress and instruct the maid in protocol before the Lady’s arrival. Everything about the occasion will be of the highest standard, and we encourage Ladies to dress to impress!

Please contact me to enquire about available dates and any other requests. The basic price is £200 for up to 4 hours, all inclusive of training for the submissive. I look forward to welcoming you!


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