Madame Caramel

Chastity Training- Key Holding

You all know how much i love to lock all my slaves and sissies . I truly believe that is the most efficient ways to control a man and break him to then make him completely yours also i believe that orgasms are for woman ONLY ,all males must be locked trained and re-programed to best to serve me.


I just adore to see all the changes my chaste boy goes through to he reaches Nirvana and become totally obedient to me.


Here how to apply to be my chaste male

  1. You Must be over 30
  2. You have your own chastity device you can   Buy your Chastity Device
  3. If you are in London you must come to be locked but if you are abroad i will send you the padlock and keys
  4. You will pay me by using Tribute Page on Clips4sale
  5. Then i will control you and use you as i see fit .


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