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Travel Schedule

I am not Touring . i’m travelling for my pleasure , and I will only meet with a client if the arrangement aligns with my conditions. A deposit is necessary for all sessions, and without a deposit, no session will take place. Priority is given to lunch/dinner dates, and I do not negotiate my fee or accept bookings via WhatsApp.

Here’s the rearranged list of cities based on my schedule:

  • Lisbon: 8th to 14th February, 18th to 22nd May
  • Dubai & Riyadh: 20th February to 1st March
  • London: 15th to 24th March, 3rd to 8th October
  • Dusseldorf: 29th to 30th March
  • Eindhoven/Amsterdam: 1st to 25th April
  • Berlin: 8th to 13th May
  • Bucharest: 16th to 18th May
  • Brussels: 2nd to 4th June
  • September: Away (Annual Leave)
  • November: (dates to be confirmed)
  • December: (dates to be confirmed)

    Duration of Session: (required) Pick only one*
    Dinning and domination £900*Extended SessionsFly Me To YouWorkshop **

    *Dining and Domination: A light meal beforehand to establish a connection between us. Can be lunch or dinner. Booking for 4 hours or more. Imagine the fun we can have...

    ** enquirer about costs for any workshop

    Mistress is also available for cultural events and outings.

    Session Length: (required)
    FMTY in UK for 1 nights £1500FMTY in Europe for 2 nights £2000FMTY flights longer than 6 hours for the weekend £3500 +

    ** for more hours let’s discuss the options

    How would you describe yourself: (required)

    Please Note: Overnight Sessions need to be discussed with terms agreed beforehand.

    Do you give me your consent to film our session? (required)

    I understand that Madame Caramel does not offer full sexual services including oral (required)

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