Madame Caramel

Double Sessions with Mistress Ezada and Madame Caramel

I am a true believer of Female Domination in my life. My domination over you is real and uncompromising. I am superior, your Goddess.

There are only few other ladies that are powerful like me. Mistress Ezada is definitely one of them. she rules her Queendom strictly and without mercy just like me.
Mistress Ezada will be visiting London from March 3rd till the 6th and will stay at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite. Mistress Ezada doesn’t session that often she gives that privilege only to her proven devotees.
While she is in London we will offer session together. Imagine being at both our feet. We will over power you the moment you enter our domain. The air will be buzzing with raw female power. This is such a unique opportunity, if you are a believer female domination don’t miss this.

For the both of us we charge £500,- per hour. But if you truly want to experience our female dominance book an overnight with us.

Contact Me or Mistress Ezada

Ezada-Sinn-strap-on-photo-by-Hans-watermark madame-caramel-photo-by-hans-van-der-kamp

Photo’s: Hans van der Kamp

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