Madame Caramel

Exclusive Experiences

I had a fantastic year in 2017 and rested my mind body and soul hosted the most amazing event of the year the Femdom Ball, engaged in new projects but really took time for myself but i cant be retired i still have so much more to give i clearly just need to slow down. I just absolutely love to meet and training all males to the doctrines of Female Supermacy. I always have been exclusive i’m returning to professional domination even more exclusive than ever. I live and breath BDSM and Femdom so for very lucky submissives your Black Mistress is back. I will be offering limited sessions only to few choosen ones. I’m not available for 1 or 2 hours sessions .    Here is how you can be able to serve me.                                                           3 Hours Afternoon/Evening Delight

The experience can be very sensuous, erotic or intense and cruel – or why not all? We can discuss areas of interest in advance, but I just adore rubber enclosure full of teasing, denial, probing and much much more.

Overnight 5 to 9 Hours

I want to be wined, dined and seduced by you. Yes, you heard me, even as a dominatrix I love to be seduced! You will be teased discreetly, perhaps even locked in chastity beforehand, made to perform little tasks in the toilet to arouse me and make you suffer for my pleasure.. then led into my lair for an evening of debauchery

Libertinage Weekend

To wake up next to me is such a privilege, to bathe me, massage me, to experience art, music and food with me is indeed something that most desire. I truly experience the full essence of myself and what I truly enjoy, plus my constant need to be aroused and to use you is just a delightful bonus! Email me

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