Madame Caramel

Extended Sessions Sale for £650

Is that time of the year , we are all bored after Christmas but not quite ready to get back to work.
I already started the new year with a amazing party , having fun with like minded adults and my fellows GODESSES at my Fedom Club Club Black Whip

To inform you all i will be also travelling around mid Feb and only returning in March hence i decide to offer to all this amazing deal before i go.

I’m offering you all the opportunity of to join for a extended session , overnight , lunch or dinner date this month until Mid Feb 2020.

We can do 11am to 5pm or 6pm to 10am you decide what suits best either way you will be mine for all this hours .

Overnight session with me will cost a mere £650 normally £1300 the conditions are very simple and fair .

Do Select a date for the session and email me all your BDSM interests we will then combine it with mine.

I require full payment and all bookings have to be made with no less than 3 emails .

Do fill my application form Click here

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