Madame Caramel

Filming Slaves Required for Black Mistresses Site

Once again we will be filming for 2 days non stop at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite  on the 9th and 10th April from 1PM. We require 4 submissives, sissies or sluts to join us.  We will respect your boundaries but within those you will be used as We want. So We are only interested in servants willing to try new things. To avoid Our time being wasted, all subs will be required to pay £60 in advance to film with the Black Mistresses.  You will be required to film at intervals for one hour, possibly being used for double or even triple domination scenes .

Ladies Filming will be:

Mistress Kiana

Madame Caramel

Goddess Asha

Lady Zamora

Governess Pretty Painless

Mistress Posha

Mistress BonBon

Mistress Coacoa

You don’t get to choose who you will film with, We will choose so be ready! You may wear a mask or hood on request if required.

Filming is a great way to meet new Mistresses and enjoy some play time while making yourself useful to Us!

Apply ASAP by Contacting Me, email at

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