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Fly Me to You” Bookings: Travel with Me

Discover the straightforward process for “Fly Me to You” (FMTY) bookings and the exciting details of these engagements. When you choose to invite me to join you in your city, we will create unforgettable memories together. Read on to learn more about how to make your FMTY experience truly exceptional.

Fly Me to You Bookings

For Fly Me to You bookings, the process is simple: complete my application form, specify the city, and provide three alternative dates. Upon agreement, 50% of the fee is to be paid discreetly through credit card facilities. Once payment is received, I will arrange flights and accommodations, sharing all details with you. On the day of travel, settle the remaining payment, and ensure arrangements are made for my arrival. During our sessions, we’ll agree on a plan in advance. Depending on my travel destination, I may need uninterrupted resting time. Afterward, you’ll be summoned to my presence for a warm greeting. Don’t forget to bring gifts—Chanel No. 5 perfume, champagne, or perhaps book me a massage. Lunch/dinner times are flexible, respecting your privacy.

Fly Me to You Engagements

My Fly Me to You engagements include two hours of play, two hours of servitude, and two hours of relaxation and sightseeing daily, so you will spend 6 hours with me. I travel with an array of BDSM equipment, tailored to your session preferences. From leather and neoprene body bags to impact toys, ropes, cuffs, and medical instruments, my collection ensures a versatile and enjoyable experience.


Rates and Booking Information



Minimum of two days

Middle East


Standard offering

Africa/Asia (Extended Options)


Extended options

Lunch/Dinner/Theatre/Opera Dates Plus


Minimum duration of five hours

Overnight/Daytime Liaisons (London or Amsterdam/Eindhoven)


Eight hours of shared time

Fly With You (FWY) Experience


Joining you on your business trip


Please note that all bookings require a 50% deposit through a discreet link accepting all cards, with the remaining payment settled on the day. Madame Caramel upholds her rules and refuses to negotiate prices or accept payments in ways other than specified.

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