Madame Caramel

Fly with me or Fly me to you

I just adore travelling there is nothing better to leave the normallities of day to day live and discover new places. I’m  open to travelling to any country in the world.  If you are going on business somewhere or you just need a good break contact me. I will pack all my wonderful clothes and my extensive collection on BDSM toys all very discreetly and let’s visit museums ,go to the opera ,dine and of course let’s play.  For less than 4 hours flights i’m very confortable flying on a budget airline providing i have lugage on hold and priority boarding. We can share a room providing the room is spacious i must be confortable at all times. I’m very relaxed playful and charismatic you will have a wonderful time by my side . Book you London black mistress for an exclusive trip

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