Madame Caramel

For my pleasure

I don’t really showcase often the most amazing and cathartic experiences i have with some of my clients or lifestyle slaves. I get extreme lost in what i’m doing that i forget to document it. Some clients like to be photographed some don’t and i’m happy with both request. Now i love love extreme restrictive bondage and have you at my mercy doing whatever arouses me. In this particular session i decided to wrap his body in cellotape keeping my cock locked in chastity and to add to his pain and my pleasure to create some needles art , The porcupine as i call it.

Oh the feeling of those needs going in was so delicious and took me very quickly to my Dommespace ans him to his subspace both fluctuated in such amazing scene. If you would like to experience this please contact me. Regards Nurse Caramel

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