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House of Denial Now Selling a Chastity Device You Can Control With Your Phone

When the new cellmate chastity device was released it was met with equal measures of excitement and scepticism. Qiui, the manufacturer, claimed that it was the first chastity cage that could be controlled via a phone app instead of the usual lock and key method widely used by other device producers. They said that it can be controlled from anywhere in the world, so your keyholder could be in a different country. With Madame Caramel travelling to many exotic destinations around the world regularly there’s no guarantee that she’ll be available for sessions in your home country, but with the Cellmate that barrier will no longer exist. The ultimate question is does it really work like it claims to?


The House of Denial chastity website was started in 2017 by Mistress K and her house slave after many years involving male chastity in their private play sessions. They decided that it was about time a company offering chastity devices was run by experienced enthusiasts, so they launched the site and now offer a wide selection of cages available for delivery worldwide.


Mistress K emailed me to let me know about the new Cellmate device, but before letting you all know about it I had a few questions of my own. Here’s what I asked and their responses.


Madame Caramel: The Cellmate sounds wonderful, but how does it work and what would I need for it to work on my phone?


Mistress K: The Cellmate allows a keyholder to control the lock through an app instead of having to hold a physical key. The bluetooth locking system pairs with the wearer’s phone and when the keyholder elects to unlock the lock with the click of a button it does exactly that.


The app works on Android and iOS devices, so as long as you both have compatible phones it will work. The app is completely free for both of you to download. When it’s installed you set up an account each, the wearer sends a friend request and, once accepted, they can send you a request to take control of the lock. It’s really easy and doesn’t take long to do.


MC: Can I really control the lock of a submissive from Dubai if they’re in the UK or US?


MK: Yes, absolutely. With the Cellmate app installed on both your phone as the keyholder and their phone as the wearer you also both need to ensure you have an active internet connection. As long as you’re connected via the internet it will work.


MC: How many sizes are available?


Slave D: Two at the moment, though we’re really pushing for the company to start making a smaller size. They currently have a regular size and a long size. The standard size cage has an internal length of 7cm while the long size cage measures 9.5cm internally.


The box has 2 rings inside it measuring 47mm and 51mm internally, so you have a few options to try before being locked in it for your Mistress or Master.


MC: How long does the battery last for? Is there any chance you can get locked in it if the battery runs out?


MK: The battery will last for 8-10 months before it needs to be replaced. Thankfully the cage has a built in safe guard where it unlocks when the capacity of the battery hits 15%. You can then change the battery


MC: Is it good for long term wear? Some of my slaves can be locked up for months.


SD: Yes. The smooth material that it’s made from (a neoprene finish) is comfortable, lightweight and the cage doesn’t have any sharp edges. The rings are made of metal and are a similar shape to the ones I’ve used before with a Holy Trainer, so if you’ve worn one of those before you’ll be familiar with the shape.


I’ve worn it in the shower on a number of occasions and it’s still working without any issue, so it’s definitely waterproof. I’d still recommend removing it at least once or twice a week for a thorough clean.


You can buy a Cellmate right now at for £119.99. They can post worldwide with express services also available.

If you’d like for Me to take control of your Cellmate or any other chastity cage as your keyholder you can apply to serve Me here.

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