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How to Find a Pro Domme and Become Her Favorite Pet

You want Her to beat you. You want Her to humiliate you. You want Her to own your miserable ass. It’s not rocket science, but there is a right way and a wrong way to make contact with a Dominatrix.

Male SlaveFind Her. You might find Her on Twitter, you might use a Mistress Directory Here you will find the best & Visiting Dominas. You might Google Her. Either way, the first step is finding the right Mistress for you.
Do Your Homework. Spend some time on Her website (and Twitter feed!) – and not just perving her pics you filthy pig. Read what She has written. Make sure She is the right fit for you. For example, if you really, really want to be pegged, make sure She offers that service. If you like trampling, make sure She is a CBT aficionado. If you choose a Domme who doesn’t match your interests, then don’t blame Her if you’re unsatisfied. Be honest with Her and with yourself!
Follow Her rules. Most FemDoms have a preferred method for you to make contact. Many expect you to submit an application. Take the time to do it right. Don’t think that you’re a special case, and forget thinking that YOU, special boy, deserve any extra attention. Mistresses receive stacks of applications and inquiries. Trying to go through the backdoor will get you ignored.
Write well. Use proper grammar, complete sentences. Typos happen, but short choppy phrases, text speak, and careless correspondence will earn you disdain. Take the time to write clearly and to write in detail. She deserves it.
Be deferential. Yes, you’re the client, but She is the fucking Dominatrix. Know your place. Refer to Her with respect and humble yourself. No, you don’t necessarily have to beg, but you should avoid sounding demanding, insistent, impatient or with any sense that you anything but undeserving of Her time.
Capitalize. Refer to Her as “You” and “Mistress.” Most Dommes expect to receive this treatment, and as stated above, She deserves it.
Don’t Waste Her Time. Time wasters suck. Mistresses hate them. Be specific about places and times. Respond to Her messages quickly. Do not ask unnecessary questions. Do not expect Her to take any more time dealing with you than is absolutely necessary. If you are lucky enough to win an appointment with Her, be on time. No, be early – unless She tells you otherwise.
Be Grateful and Generous. Express your sincere appreciation for Her time. Tell Her thank you often – before, during and after your session. Send Her a gift after your session – flowers, a new toy, an article of clothing, shoes, anything on Her gift list – and She will remember you well. Yes, Her session fee is set, but Mistresses appreciate clients who appreciate them. Bring a gift every time you see Her or overpay. You don’t have to double the session fee or buy Her £500 shoes to stand out. A thoughtful gift or an extra £50 or £100 will help get you noticed. Even bringing your session fee in a nice and thoughtful greeting card is an extra tough that She will remember.
Be Clean. Nothing will get you remembered poorly faster than showing up to a session smelling badly. Shower that day, ideally immediately prior to your session. Do not come to Her dungeon wearing grubby clothes and smelling like you just took a shit on the subway. Be well groomed and dress in an attractive manner, and She will take notice of you.
Be Obedient. Do what She says, when she says to do it. If She tells you to bring something to your session, have it. If She tells you to wait, do so patiently. She is in charge, and your goal is to show Her your complicity, obedience and desire to please Her.
Will these 10 steps guarantee that you of become any Mistress’s favorite pet? No. They will help ensure you always move toward the top of Her correspondence, and they will earn you favor for Her time and Her appreciation of you, which is ultimately what you want.

Written by Under Heels

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