Madame Caramel

How to impress your Mistress

madame caramelI don’t like it if a new slave isn’t well prepared for a session. You should at least read my website so you know what kind of Mistress I am.

If you want to impress me you should study my movies, tweets and learn the things I like.

You should know my mantra and say it every day so it becomes part of your life.

Madame Caramel is my Goddess! Madame Caramel is my Queen! Madame Caramel owns me in this life and next!

I like to put my slaves in the right position for the right moment like waiting, punishment, collaring and of course ass worshipping. Learn them before you meet me and your session will be more intense and more rewarding because I don’t have to bother with the basic slave training.

To all my slaves, I want you to write down your feelings for me, in a poem, song, piece of art express what you feel for me. I will publish the best at this blog!

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