Madame Caramel

Invite me to your city

IMG-20150307-WA0004As you know servants I travel all over the world. Not always I can travel with my personal slave. So I’m looking for several personal servant in this cities Zurich, Geneva, Rome, Cologne , Paris , Belfast. You will be able to accommodate me in your home or to pay for my hotel. Collect me from the airport, carry all my luggage and make sure that I’m well at all times. I don’t require a payment for a session but you serve me in each way I desire.

Your home must be spotless and so your car if you posses one. You will also promptly make sure I have food available and my champagne. You wont be sleeping in bed with me but in the floor close to my feet or in sofa.

Now send your well written application to you must attach a recent photo of you and your house plus the bedroom which I will be sleeping.

You must learn my mantra – Madame Caramel is my goddess . Madame Caramel in my Queen. You own me in the life and next. Repeat 10 times.

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