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Hello all

We all heard of the potential devastating needs about twitter , therefore i do not wish to lose contact with most of you .

I decide to create this space in my website we everyone is welcome to join me and my servants to chat , ask questions , profess servitude etc…

I will be online daily from 8pm to 9pm for the all hour and you are most welcome to carry on chatting when i leave the chat.

Please feel free to click on this link .

The rules of engagements are very simple

For slaves / Servants entering the chat you all must greet me with reverence , Man will bow and sissies will curtsey.

For Fellow dominants i happy to call you all my sisters so a Hello Sis welcome.

We all must respect one another and all slave must respect all Mistresses that enter the chat .

I will ban and expel users that are disrespectful of the rules.

Looking forward to meet you all

Madame Caramel

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