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Where to begin…?

Tuesday 12 April 2016

The name that my Mistress has chosen for me is Kandi Kane. I am Her sissy and She is Madame Caramel. I am gradually becoming accustomed to Her referring to me as a girl and using female pronouns in reference to me.

My intimate body parts are now referred to as my sissy clitty, sissy eggs and back pussy. Recently, Mistress has locked away my sissy clitty using a Holy Trainer device. In two spells, I have gone eight days before release by way of a ruined orgasm at the hands of my Mistress whilst I was cuffed securely to a hotel bed; and presently only two days as the ruined orgasm only occurred on Sunday morning and I am writing this on Tuesday evening.

My Mistress has warned that the eight day period was just the beginning. She now wants me to go for a few months in chastity so that my sissy eggs fill up. Of course, she has orgasms whenever she pleases and takes great pleasure in my own frustration. She has warned me that I may never experience another orgasm again. Instead, I will be milked through my back pussy or, on special occasions, ruined by her hand.

I should mention that I have previously escaped from my Mistress’ chastity. I took a saw to the padlock in desperation one day. Needless to say, she was furious, until that is she stumbled across the Holy Trainer, which has an internal lock that cannot be accessed without the key.

It has been observed by my Mistress that I drip far more than any other sissy She has ever known. When in chastity, I become wet (especially when being teased by my Mistress) and then there is an almost constant flow of sissy droplets from my clitty. Mistress recently purchased some PVC panties to help disguise the issue and nappies were raised in discussions today as well.

My Mistress is also creating something of a sissy wardrobe for me with outfits for all occasions, ranging from the classiest to the most immodest. I was informed today that she will be taking me to a transvestite / T-girl club next week – me dressed in the thigh high red PVC boots that she purchased for me to help me learn how to walk like a lady and a slut in heels.

My Mistress asked me to reveal one fantasy in this post so that she can begin to understand me on a deeper level. My fantasies vary from day to day. At this very moment, I imagine being fully dressed as a sissy, having been in chastity for my first few weeks of this second spell, tied tightly to a chair with a vibrator in my back pussy and electrics attached to my sissy eggs. And then, I imagine Mistress approaching me to insert a penis gag in my mouth and explaining that I should make myself comfortable as I will be in that predicament for several hours. Then I imagine Her turning on the television and starting the film – hours and hours of sissy porn. Sissies being used and tortured by Dommes. Sissies in chastity being milked. Sissies being forced to play with other sissies.

This is my first ever post. There will be more to follow as my Mistress has demanded that I keep this record.




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