Madame Caramel

Leading Black Mistress Madame Caramel in Belgrade

I must say i was really impressed with Belgrade , what a lovely city such an amazing weather and lots of outdoors restaurants/ cafes and bars .

I stayed in a small serviced apartment in the city centre no cars allowed boasting of wonderful shops , i had to contain myself not to go on a shopping spree.

Temptation at my doorstep but with 23 KG allowance there is no chance .. The choice is between clothes and my toys ad honestly i choose my toys .

I always travel with an arsenal of BDSM equipment as i like been prepared.

In this trip i was reconised once in the street , he said hello and waved really pleased to see .

My best surprise was to find a client that i met 4 years ago in London an he is from Belgrade.

The moment he knew i was in town the boy booked 2 hours paid 50% deposit and was 10 mins early for the sessions which i did not mind at all .

Tie & Tease says him ….. I brought my under the bed bondage set , so i stretched him , locked him in chastity which fell off due to him having the smallest cock in Belgrade .

I decided the to make a very tight cock and ball bondage so he would be trobbing at all times whilst i teased him .

He made him cry as i went deep into his made making realise that he is not a man therefore i will use him a sissy whore and teach him to suck cock for all black men i find he Belgrade.

Crying but aroused that really excited me.

So much that i got my Doxy and a pleased myself talking to him until i orgasmed using him to click my juices from my Doxy this adding to his frustration .

I clamped him and hurt those nipples i had to gag him at that point as his moaning was becoming intense i bet all in the building could hear him sometimes ..

Told him if someone knocks at the door i will open and bring them to look at his predicament .

I never stop playing with his cock and denying an orgasm , he begged many many times .

Once i had enough of him i peed in his cock whilst wanking him and then of course i have ruined his orgasm .

I ‘m pleased .

Madame Caramel

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