Madame Caramel

Learn The Slave Positions

My dear friend Lady Ezada Sinn created them and I love them. Truly useful that all slaves learn them by heart.

If you are ever in my presence and you’re not aware of this position training, then you clearly haven’t studied my website properly. Prepare yourself to be punished or even worse – DISMISSED from my presence.

I like to use my dog clicker to get your attention without talking:


Position 1: Waiting
waiting  waitingposition

Position 2: Inspection
waiting  inspection

Position 3: Collar
waiting  collar

Position 4: Doormat
waiting  doormat

Position 5: Present chastity/balls
waiting  presentballs

Position 6: Ashtray
waiting  ashtray

Position 7: Heel
waiting  heel

Position 8: Cuffs
waiting  cuffs

Position 9: Punishment
waiting  punishment

Position 10: Ass
waiting  asskissing

Position 11: Slut
waiting  slut

Position 12: Dismiss

I can’t thank you enough Lady Ezada Sinn You’ve made my life so much easier.


So, to the ones that wish to serve me, London’s leading black mistress, you must learn them and know them by heart. I’m planning to do a clip showing all the positions with my servant

Meantime, here is a video I made with Ezada at the FEMDOM RETREAT. I demand all my servants, fans andlovers to Buy it, it’s an order

Your supreme London Black Mistress,
Madame Caramel

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