Madame Caramel

Liaisons – Female Submissive

Lately I have been having some private liaisons with submissive girls, some have come with their dominant partners, and some on their own. I have particularly enjoyed these sessions, and am interested in connecting and playing with more female submissives.
Black Mistress wearing leather in London
My interactions with submissive girls and women would have a slightly different dynamic to those with submissive males. I would want you to feel welcome and of course your privacy is assured at all times. Female submissives will always have a higher place in my hierarchy than males, and you will be treated with the utmost respect. I would like to take time to observe, study and train you at leisure.

Spending time together would be a lot more than just play, I would love to get to know you well, we could travel together (always in luxury of course), visit spas and resorts and be pampered together! You could be more than just a submissive, you could be a travel partner, a personal assistant/secretary and of course a friend!

This would not just be a sexual/DS relationship, I would very much like to meet beautiful, intelligent women and integrate them into my lifestyle. To know your mind and train you to be better as I do everyone in my household.

If this is something that interests, or even thrills, you then please do reach out to me. As I say, your privacy is respected at all times and of course I’m open to discussing boundaries and limits to you always feel safe and respected. Let’s have some fun!

Madame Caramel

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