Madame Caramel

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I’m Mature intelligent , charismatic Matriarch dominatrix, after 16 years as a professional dominatrix training and having fun with amazing clients is now time for me to dedicate some time for myself and my desires and pleasures.

I have 5 lifestyle slaves and that included my fiancee . Our life now is between Holland and London but once i’m in London i require a new submissive to attend to all my needs.

This would suit an older mature submissive /slave /Sissy or TV sub, preferably retired and that lives in London or have time to visit often even staying in London and I require at beck and all servitude.

I’m strict , demanding and a true believer in Female supremacy when entering my household you will leave your ego , manhood behind. You will bow to me , learn my mantra and my ways and start training at once.

I’m only interested in TPE ( total power exchange ) I will respect limits and boundaries but in my household my word is LAW.

You will be trained to be the best you can be and you will be punished to correct bad behaviours and attitudes .

I am an expert in dominating and re-educated male creatures. I have a vast experience with with controlling and subjecting many different types of servants and slaves.

If you been looking for this all your life , let’s talk.

Looking forward to make your acquaintance

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