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They can both be rewarding if you get the right submissive or client in your domain. As a professional dominatrix, I truly enjoy the thrill of meeting different submissives, slaves, sluts and sissies. All these different types of play and different scenarios and fetishes can be such a turn on. But like everything in life, the first time is nerve racking for both. We don’t know each other and, depending on personalities, it can really take a while to connect to someone. I’m connectable, I love people so if they come with the right attitude, with great vibes, with a great understanding of what I say on my website then we are more likely to get along just fine. As a professional I’m here to cater for some fetishes and fantasies, to help you experience your deepest and darkest desires, providing of course I agree with them. Not every one is lucky enough to find that ever lasting connection with someone special who is also dominant and who truly enjoys the D/s dynamics.


Now enjoying the lifestyle, and I say this from experience, is really bliss. To have the man that you love and adore put you on a pedestal on a daily basis, release you from the mundane, attend to all your needs and indulge with you in your wildest fantasies is truly a godsend to a woman. It’s very hard to find, but not impossible. It takes a real man to submit and allow a woman to lead him. My advice to many is to look for the same qualities in a submissive that you would want in a vanilla partner, this combined with his need to serve is a win-win situation. I have 5 collared slaves and two as my love partners and submissives. Nevertheless I still have an enormous line of clients who I truly enjoy and appreciate. In the end I love and care for them all.

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