Madame Caramel

LockOctober with Madame Caramel

Celebrate a full month locked in chastity for me . Every year my servants , sissies and slaves are instructed to lock their cock and of course send the keys to me .I’m sure for some of you this is also possible so let’s be lock for me .

For the servants further afield here some Only=ine instruction & Training or alternatively you can join my Only Fans to receive daily TASKS

How to Take part ?

Step 1 First buy a chastity device lots of affordable devices Here

Step 2 Email me ASAP on and tell me that you want to take part , please explain if online or face 2 face.

Step 3 If only Join Online Training click here but if you wish to send me the key email me on please pay $50 to received the address and further instructions Pay Now

Step 4 Be fully shaved on the 30th of September and be ready.

Step 5 Is October Lock yourself , Write on a piece of paper locked by Madame Caramel and sign and email me the picture on

Step 6 Follow me on twitter and enjoy me teasing you and others

Happy LockOctober

Madame Caramel

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