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Dear All

You all heard about ONLY fans new Terms & Conditions , so basically we will not be allowed to express out sexuality so there is no longer a point of being on that platform .

I have join Loyal Fans which is a more relaible platform and allow more fetish Click here The way loyal fans work is very simple you can buy only the clips you are interested to watch or have a full membership and have full acess to all the content. Overall is better for all .

Ladies that need help with it please use my referral link then send me an email on and i shall send you the details of how it works free of charge .

For the bois you can use this link

This is what is going to be availble on my new fan page
✔️ 3+ posts a day
? Exclusive pictures+clips
?️ No PPV
?Games and Competitions
? One to one training
??Live Shows and much more

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