Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel interviewed for the Evening Standard website

The Professional: cheap nfl jerseys Madame Caramel

In a direct reversal of the Fifty Shades of Grey set up of dominant man and submissive woman, Madame Caramel knew she was a natural wholesale mlb jerseys dominatrix when she of met a world man who begged her to spank him. In previous relationships she House had always wanted to be dominant — but her partners didn’t like it. Now she aur is a official professional dominatrix, cheap jerseys who cheap jerseys sees wholesale mlb jerseys spanking as Slut more than just a job and insists it can be good for you. “The spanker’s brain releases endorphins, as well as the spankee’s. It’s very stress-relieving and exhilarating for both parties,” she says.Read the full story >>

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