Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel Visits Madrid

I’m a frequent traveler but I had the most amazing time in Madrid – I just loved the city and the people.  The Queen, or La Reina as they call me in Madrid, was received in the airport by a slave driver that applied for his service just before i booked my trip.





Arriving at my well appointed hotel in Chuecca (the gay area of Madrid), I already had another servant ready to unload My bags and unpack for Me . I always make sure that I have all of this sorted out in advance, as men are to be made useful!

Now my wonderful Sisters Domina Cloe & Mistress Shelly  were really my rocks – oh I do love these two Mistresses! I had been invited to visit Domina Chloe and She sent her personal slave driver to collect me. Once I arrived at Her well appointed apartment and Regal Domain I was greeted by 3 wonderful Ladies and 2 paparazzi, that was so much fun! They kept taking photos of the whole encounter, I have never laughed so much in my life!

We had champagne and enjoyed Spanish finger food, We talked and danced it was really a wonderful time . The professional pictures will be coming soon for your viewing pleasure.

The following day was a Dommes day only where they took Me for dinner again, and then Flamenco … I left Madrid inspired. It’s another city that I will be returning to very soon.

More happened after that, but I’m keeping that for My book one day, ha ha!


Madame Caramel

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