Madame Caramel

Madame Caramel in York at the Sissy Retreat

I did have the most wonderful time at the Sissy Retreat, it has been such a long time since I have been around well trained sissy maids and really skilled and experienced Mistresses. I was well at home!

They sent a good boy to collect me and My maid Anna from the station and when I arrived at the well appointed house all was in full flow. All maids been prepared under the attentive eyes of Mistress Firefly , Mistress Joanna Armstrong and the wonderful Mistress Helen Ryder .  The afternoon progressed wonderfully with many humiliating and fun games, but only after a sumptuous High Tea beautifully set by our wonderful maids.   I thank all the ladies for the invitation, I truly had the most wonderful time and thank you to all the wonderful maids and baby that attended to all our needs.


Now the day continued with only My maid Anna in a beautiful hotel in York, where of course she had to prepare My bath, bathe Me, massage Me and please Me in all the ways I require.


The following day we visited the most beautiful city of York which I have fallen in love with and am planning to return to. If you wish to take Me or travel with Me do contact Me and experience serving a real dominatrix.

I absolutely love traveling so I’m always open to new destinations. I will be visiting York again soon so make sure you are all ready to serve your York Black Mistress.



Madame Caramel

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