Madame Caramel

Mistress coaching with Madame Caramel

I offer a well
tailored training programme for professional and aspiring professional
dominants.  This programme consists of a workshop, photo shoot and creation
of your own website.

The initial workshop includes bondage techniques, use of dungeon equipment
such as nipple and genital clamps, cock ties, cock rings, whips, canes,
floggers, straps, single tail whips and spreader bars. I have my own fully
equipped dungeon suite containing all this equipment and much more.  I will
answer all your BDSM related questions, especially concerning safety which
is most important of all, and give you plenty of ideas for safe but exciting
play.  This workshop will be unhurried and relaxed so that all your
questions can be answered over about 2 hours.

Immediately following the workshop we will do a photo shoot.  I am very
experienced in creating a dominant look.  I will advise you regarding hair,
make up and so on to create the best effect.  For the shoot, please bring
your own make up and up to 5 outfits.  If you don’t have fetish clothes
that’s fine, smart and/or business clothes such as pencil skirts, blouses
(or suits for the man) can also create a very dominant look. Depending on
your size I may have some fetish clothes that might fit, but I can’t
guarantee it. Please do bring boots and/or heels too if you have them.  The
photo shoot will normally take up to 2 hours as well.

Before you arrive, you will need to do some preparation.  You should come up
with some ideas for your Mistress (or Master) name.  When considering a
name, you must perform a Google search to check that there are no other
professionals with that name.  You should also have a good idea of the
introductory text you want to put on your website.  This should include
something about yourself, what BDSM services you are and are not prepared to
offer, and so on.  You should also create an Email account for your name
(GMAIL  is ideal for this), and sign up to DropBox (
<> ) if you have not already done so, so that I can
send you photos for review.

After the workshop, photo shoot, and general discussion you will need to
Email your website text to Me, choose your preferred photos and we will be
able to create your website and have it online within 7 days.  We will
perform a quick turn-around because time is money!

At this point I would like to emphasise that professional domination is hard
work.  It’s not just playing and being paid at the end of it.  And while I
can show you all the techniques, the natural dominance has to come from
within you.  Like any other endeavour, the more work you are prepared to put
in, the more you will develop and the higher rewards you will earn.
However, it can also be a very empowering and satisfying way to explore your
own dominant side.  As you progress, we will also invite you to our parties
and social events where you can mix with Dommes (and subs) of all levels of
experience in a friendly social atmosphere.

If you have any questions, then please do let Me know.  I look forward to
hearing from you soon.

Madame Caramel.

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