Madame Caramel

Online mentoring sessions are ideal as they can take place no matter where in the world you or I are based.

We’ll be using Skype or equivalent conference call software, and therefore a really good internet connection is necessary. I’d be more than happy to conduct the online coaching session with a group of women, just let me know when you contact me so I can work out a fee accordingly.

Prodomme Mentoring Advice

Online coaching covers all the usual pro-domme topics; I can advise you on everything to do with professional domination as a business and also best practices whilst in session. I’m happy to answer all your questions including and certainly not limited to:

These coaching sessions will help launch your services as a professional dominatrix dealing with clients in person. Please note this does not cover online domination, financial domination etc.

I’ll be delighted to answer any further questions.

Contact Me to propose a few dates.