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Servants all over the world i have decide to gift you all. As you know i’m semi retired and really truly focused in my long term relationship with my servants all over the world. Few a granted a appointment to serve me in BDSM apartment in London or even in studios in the countries i visit this days. I always fly with one of my personal servants for personal training and visit the best dungeons and for filming with my lovely domme friends.

But once i’m at home been served i decide to train some of you online.  Only few will be able to have a webcam training session but a call session is available to all providing me you call me in good hours and its best always to book in advance.

So we can both have a fantastic experience there is few rules but rules nevertheless failure to do as instructed i will disconnect the line.


1. Before Calling i always advise that you  should email me on to inform you will call. Its not necessary if you see me online but i might miss you ( my phone always on silent due to many calls).

2. Explain your fantasy , desires or training session so i can best prepare for your training.

3. Always have plenty of credit in your account, i truly hate when the phone disconnects and i’m having fun. I take this as a disrespect to the me, your mistress , your queen.

4. Once phone is ringing make sure you are kneeling to prove your submission to me.

5. I will ask you to recite my Mantra

You must learn my mantra – Madame Caramel is my goddess . Madame Caramel in my Queen. You own me in the life and next. Repeat 5 times.

Then we can begin . Are you ready to submit ??



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