Madame Caramel

Although I am based in London, I travel extensively throughout the UK, Europe, parts of the Middle East and worldwide

Your Black Mistress reigns over Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates and so I travel to Dubai and those surrounding areas several times a year. My Arab slaves can’t live without me, what more can I say?!

I’ve grown accustomed to the glamorous Dubai lifestyle and I love to indulge in all its luxurious offerings. Invite me as your companion; flights to the Middle East should always be in business class, ensure I am chauffer driven to my 5* hotel and make sure I am pampered on the private beaches. Impress me with your submission and I will be your perfect dominant courtesan for relaxed dinners and social occasions e.g Abu Dhabi Formula 1 races or, quite the opposite – hot FemDom sessions behind closed doors!

I am discreet yet friendly and warm, with a great interest in people and their culture. As far as I am concerned, in public situations, we are simply close friends enjoying each other’s company and so, unless you’ve requested otherwise, I will remain demure and sophisticated at all times.

I am multi-lingual speaking 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. I also understand French well enough but speak very little.


Europe, UK and rest of world

I have FemDom friends all over the world and I love to travel to meet them in their home towns. It’s rare I am in London for more than two weeks straight. My World Tour calendar can be found at the bottom right of this page indicating where I am due to visit and when I will be there. You are welcome to send an enquiry about sessions while I am in town.

If you would like to invite me to your city, use my contact form as a point of introduction. As I am sure you have read my travel conditions to Middle East, the same goes for European travel.  For flights of more than 6 hours, business class is preferred. Otherwise as long as I am looked after at the airport with fast track entry and baggage, then EasyJet is fine. The happier I am with whatever arrangements you make for me regarding flights and accommodation, the more fun it will be when you submit to me, in person. If I am happy and content, I can be more focussed, resulting in a more intense and fulfilling experience for both of us.


While in London, I am usually busy attending to my business affairs and personal slaves. However, if you are a discerning gentleman in London on business  or a particularly interesting submissive man, there may be an opportunity for overnight stays in my private London dungeon.

I love to attend social events both fetish and mainstream and may be available to accompany you to VIP events in London e.g Ladies Day Ascot, F1-races, Veuve Clicquot gold cup, The Dubai Shergar Cup. I also love fine dining and I am always keen to experience the many restaurants and cultural events that London has to offer. Or why not take me to a spa, let’s relax together for the day and in the evening attend one of London’s fetish clubs as Mistress and slave.

I absolutely adore double sessions with my beautiful Dominatrix friends.

Contact me politely if you wish to know more.

FINALLY: Do not confuse what I am offering as an invitation for sex. Domination is not prostitution.

P.S I have several frequent flyer cards and I love to be gifted with miles so I can travel in style.