Madame Caramel

Overnight with Maid Gertrude

Oh i have missed this i announced yesterday that i would be given limited sessions and immediately was booked for an overnight. There is nothing better than to have a plenty of time to get to know and train your submissive. Maid Getrude is now cooking my breakfast in full uniform. Really enjoy teaching deportment , how to walk in heels , how to curtsey , how to speak and how to address me and show me reverence. She made few mistakes and she was punished and humilliated for it. I will never allow the service to slack i want only the best for me. Then i got to use her back pussy for my please training her with all my extensive collection of dildos whilst she was in extreme bondage unable to move. My evening ended with maid rubbing and kissing my beautiful ebony feet.  Now is 8am my new well trained maid is cooking mr breakfast will soon prepare my bath clean all the dungeon and drive me to my nail appointement only then she will be released .If you wish to book me for a overnight /weekend away or even to travel with you please email me on

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