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ParthenonNYC 15th Anniversary (The Night Of The Succubus)

Boys i want to attend this event in New York let’s fly together . Contact me to discuss In celebration of ParthenonNYC 15 Years of being in the Same location and Mistress Ariana’s 25th years in the BDSM scene, The Parthenon, and all the lovely Goddesses that have, and continue to walk the halls of this shrine will celebrate! The list of present Mistresses joining will be the best of the best all under one roof, for one night only! Don’t miss the event of the year.

RSVP early

Be prepared to mingle with the brightest and most beautiful dominant Alpha Females in NYC.
Appetizers, Hors d’oeuvre and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.

List of Mistress
Mistress Ariana Chevalier
Mistress Myrina Douleur
Mistress Adrienne
Latex Nemesis
Mistress Elena DeLuca
Mistress Cybil Troy
Madame Sade
Goddess Hera Chevalier
Mistress Tangent
Mistress Luna
Madame V
Mistress Simone of Chicago
Mistress Vivienne
Mistress Xena
Mistress Megan McCord
Mistress Martine Phoenix
Mistress Cassandra
Mistress Alexa Complex
Mistress Unknown
Lil Government
Domina Miranda
Mistress Neena
Mistress Pomf
Mistress Aleta Cai
Mistress Maya Midnight
Mistress Eva Cruz
Mistress Delilah

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