Madame Caramel

Queening & Facesitting

This is one of my favourite ways of using, humiliating and degrading my slaves. I truly have a supreme black bottom, worthy of all the worship I require.

There isn’t anything more erotic than taking a seat on a servant’s face. I’m your Queen, therefore your face is my throne. I can do it for hours on end.

Sometimes I adore sitting on my queening chair, where he can see nothing else but my bottom, sniffing it, kissing it, caressing it and for the very lucky ones licking until they bring me to orgasm.

Although it can be very pleasurable for me, it can also be very humiliating for some, especially if I decide to fart in their faces. It’s a liability and there is a real moment to prove their love and devotion for me.

But the real act of having a male servant worship and adoring my bottom is truly act of devotion to me, Madame Caramel, as your Queen.

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