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Rubber Cult – My favorite London Rubber Party

madame_caramel_latexI like dressing up in Rubber, The moment it touches my body and becomes my second skin excites me very much. I never buy Latex from online stores. I have my very own designer that knows my body and she knows exactly what I need to bring out my best female features.

Of course I like to dress up in Rubber for the big parties abroad like the German Fetish Ball. But in London my favorite rubber party is Rubber Cult. Mistress Kim is the hostess and organizer of the event. She always has a gift for booking amazing talented artists. Every party has something new something I haven’t seen before.

I of course like to see all my good friends dressed in Latex for some reason I always want to touch them dressed in Latex.


Next Rubber Cult is on Saturday September 26th 2015 from 8pm to 2am. If you want you can escort me. You will be my personal servant the whole evening. At Rubber Cult there are many options to play or maybe I just give you to Nurse Painless for your medical treatment.

Contact me and join me for the next Rubber Cult.


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