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Saline Infusion with Madame Caramel

What’s An Infusion?

Infusing a saline compound is a process by which sterile saline is hooked up to an IV drip line, that is then attached to a needle or cannula that’s been inserted to the body.  The IV is opened, and the saline drips into the body at a measured rate. This allows the skin to stretch more slowly and comfortably.

Injecting saline into the body using a syringe forces the fluid into tissues that aren’t used to that kind of fluid pressure, and can be uncomfortable.  Infusing allows the saline to flow at a slower rate, but allows the scrotum to swell without extreme pressure.  Scrotal infusion fills at a rate of about one liter per hour.

 Last week i had an amazing overnight session /Training session with Governess Pretty Painless We are amazing duo i always love to be with her on my overnight sessions even if one or two .
For breast infusion you must book at least 5 hours but for scrotal infusion a min of 2 hours . ( make sure you disclose any medical information to me this is very important

  • Anyone with a history of heart, kidney or adrenal issues, or latex allergies should not infuse

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